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We must have said many times that I want to take a break, sit at home, and play my favorite games. Although we used to say that, we would not have expected it to turn into reality. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the primary precautionary measure by governments of different countries is a lockdown. We all are advised not to leave our houses unnecessarily to flatten the curve of the virus outbreak. 

The imposed lockdown has affected small businesses, but it is also affecting the corporate sectors as people aren’t going to work anymore. Half of the world is working from home, while those studying are just homebound with nothing to do. 

Due to increasing cases being reported daily, all the major sports events have been called off, leaving the sports fan in misery. Our daily routines have come to an end because of this lockdown. People and youngsters are either trying to spend time reading books, writing, drawing, or following any of their favorite hobbies. Listening to and watching news reporting death tolls and new cases are getting under the skin of everyone. For avoiding this stress, the internet has seemingly noticed a surge in video games and Netflix-like activities. 

E-sportsThe E-sports or E-gaming industry has always been ahead of classic games as generation Z is more inclined towards virtual games than physical ones. For example, in 2019, the United States gaming industry generated a revenue of 36.9 billion dollars, while China generated 36.5 billion dollars. These revenues were generated when the world was moving casually, with streets filled with people, the usual chaos that made us feel alive. Imagine the whole world is being quarantined; people who couldn’t play many games except on weekends have now got ample time in the lockdown. The gaming industry worldwide sees a surge as more and more people are playing games while being forced to sit at home. 

Let us look at how these e gaming industries are taking advantage of being lockdown. 

FIFA 2020 1

This venture is famous for a first-person shooter, action games, and renowned FIFA. Since FIFA was canceled this year, even football players started to play virtual footballs, sharing their games online on twitch or YouTube. Millions of their fans watched this live virtual football game with their favorite players. As a result, the company’s current-year earnings are expected to rise as gamers increase day by day. 

Activision Arts

  • Activision Blizzard

You must have played call of duty many times; Activision Blizzard owns that favorite game of yours. People are experiencing social distancing, but you can still play with your friends online and enjoy it. This company has seen a rise in its earnings over the past 30 days. It also facilitates people watching games online by selling tickets to events, and people are spending a lot of money online. 


  • Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizon

This game is recently launched in the middle of this global pandemic. This game is not like those action or sports games you play; instead, it is another virtual reality, where you can design things as per your wish. This game has set good records in Japan with its previous versions while remaining one of the best-selling games for four years. Launching this new version will let the owners bag more money as amid lockdown, the population of players is high.


  • PUBG

Players’ unknown battleground, also called PUBG, is not new, but it was launched two years back, and since then, it is booming all over the world. It is a South Korean game, and people have been playing it with their friends fighting battles and even calling other friends to join their squad. This game was making good revenue without any lockdown, now since the world is sitting inside, many non-players have installed this game, and people are making the in-app purchases. But, like other gaming zones, this is also in line to generate good revenue.  



 We all are homebound and kind of bored of sitting and following the same routine of eating, sleeping, and repeating. While the corona-virus outbreak has created a surge in the gamer’s population, this industry is gaining more considerable popularity and might even inspire people to launch new games. All the gaming software is experiencing extra traffic this year, and this rise is, in return, going to spike up the overall revenue of the e-gaming industry. Last year the income was about 24 billion dollars; this year, it is expected to exceed 77.6 billion dollars. All thanks to the lockdown that these e-games are enjoying the higher revenue. It is good to distract ourselves by indulging in the game, but make sure not to get too passive; after all, we do not want to end up being obese, do we?



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