How to Play the Snaps Game: What you Need to Know

How to play the snaps game

How to Play the Snaps Game:

Are you looking for a quick yet fun game to play with two or more players involved? The snaps game is an intriguing guessing game that can be played without accessories.

Snaps game is a card game, and its type is a matching game with 52 cards. It’s a guessing game requiring a bunch of players.

Two or more players use unique communication methods to persuade the rest of the players that they can read others’ minds. On the other hand, the group’s task is to comprehend how it’s being done.

Just like every game has its skills, the skills of snaps games are quick reactions. Whether you’re looking for an icebreaker activity or a fun game for your party, the snaps game is perfect for every occasion.

Trying to figure out how to play the snaps game? Here’s everything you need to know about playing this game.

Start with learning the essential rules

One of the main steps in understanding how to play the snaps game is to learn the rules. Learning the snaps game is relatively easy. 

All you need to do is learn the primary rules of this game. So, here are some basic rules you should know before playing the snaps game.

  • The idea of this game is to spell separate letters of a phrase with the help of a snap of fingers or a statement.
  • For vowels, you need to snap. Every vowel relates to a particular quantity of snaps. For instance, ‘E’ can be represented with two snaps, ‘A’ is a single one, ‘I’ is three snaps, ‘U’ is five snaps, and ‘O’ is four naps.
  • To explain consonants, you can give away a statement or sentence in which the initial word begins with the same letter you’re attempting to spell. Perhaps if you select ‘Ben Adams’, your first letter is ‘B.’ Hence, you’ll clue the receiver by starting with a sentence such as ‘Be ready.’ This allows you to tell the receiver that the first part of the clue is ‘B.’
  • There must be a minimum of two individuals in the game. The receiver is someone who hears the snapper and figures out the phrase, while the snapper is the individual who selects a word and then acts to give out the answer.

Determine if you would like to provide the receiver with the same clue or name

Remember, you certainly don’t need to provide your receiver with the individual’s exact name. You can make the game more interesting by snapping the receiver a hint to the individual’s name.

For instance, if you want them to work out the name ‘Joe Biden,’ you could give out a clue as ‘current president.’ Similarly, for ‘George Washington,’ you can use ‘first president.’

Give a hint to the receiver about the word to be snapped

One of the crucial steps in understanding how to play the snaps game is to give a clue to your receiver. 

Before spelling out the word with snaps and statements, hint the receiver regarding the type of phrase with a straightforward statement. If you’re providing a hint about the individual like the ‘first president’ for ‘Joe Biden,’ you can say ‘snaps aren’t the name of the game.’ This allows you to clue your receiver that you’re giving a hint.

On the other hand, if you’re working around the exact name of an individual, you could say, ‘snaps are the name,’ helping your receiver understand that you’re calling out an individual’s name.

Start giving letters

After giving a clue to your receiver, give them the initial letter with snaps or a statement. Remember, most names start with a consonant. As a result, you might have to start with a sentence. Hence, for ‘Charlotte Stallone,’ you can begin with a statement like ‘Can’t wait to meet my friend’ to help your receiver understand the initial letter is ‘c.’

Once the guessing individual has understood the initial letter, it’s time to move to the following letter.

Make sure you only move on when your receiver is ready and you’ve thought of the following vowel or statement, varying on the next letter. Similarly, stick to the same pattern of statements and snaps until you’re done spelling out the clue or name.

Keep in mind, if there is any letter the receiver cannot understand, give the snaps or statements again.


What is the aim of the snaps game?

This game uses a standard 52 playing card area for 2-8 players. The primary goal of snaps is to win all the cards in the game.

Can you play the snaps game alone?

To play the snaps game, 2-8 players are required.

What do you need to play the snaps game?

To play snaps, you don’t require anything except your skills to spell, think, and snap your fingers. You can also alter the game and use clapping instead of snapping.

Final words

Check out this article if you’re confused about how to play the snaps game. Trust us; the snaps game is easy yet exciting to play with your friends. However, ensure you know all the basic rules before playing the game.