Can you Play Game Pigeon on Android

can you play Game Pigeon on Android

Can you Play Game Pigeon on Android?

The skirmish between Apple and Android has become uninteresting recently. However, phone owners in 2023 seem confused about which brand deserves their investment. Arguably, both brands have features attracting customers worldwide. But some aspects of Apple devices are also sought-after among the Android market, such as “Game Pigeon.” Spelled both GamePigeon and Game Pigeon, this application was released in 2016 along with Apple’s iOS 10 update. It’s an extension of iMessage that allows consumers to engage in multiplayer games while chatting with their friends. So, can you Game Pigeon on Android devices? The answer may surprise you!

Why do Android users even want Game Pigeon?

Why are some people searching for ways to use Game Pigeon on Android gadgets? You can read just a few statistics on this extension to find out why! After its release, this application stayed one of the most celebrated products in the App Store and maintains almost 4 out of 5 stars today. Moreover, many teenagers have been obsessed with its uniqueness and convenience. Its fame encouraged Snapchat to create a similar product. A survey shows that young teens mostly used messaging apps to play Game Pigeon. These facts show why people ask, “Can you play Game Pigeon on Android?” Also, here are some of the games one can find on Game Pigeon nowadays:

  • 8 Ball
  • Darts
  • Chess
  • Crazy 8
  • Gomoku
  • Cup Pong
  • Sea Battle
  • Basketball
  • Dots & Boxes
  • Miniature Golf

Can you play Game Pigeon on Android in 2023?

But the million-point question is: “How do you install Game Pigeon on your Android device?” Many people don’t wish to purchase iPhones because they’re happier with Samsung products. Americans have this crazy habit of going against the world in every manner. So, while the world fell in love with Android, we chose Apple! In September 2022, iPhones overtook Android phones in the US. However, many people are still using non-Apple products. And they officially cannot download any Apple App Store apps such as iMessage on their Android phones. Or can they? Downloading Game Pigeon requires you to download iMessage first, and a technical solution is available.

  • Step #1:- You’ll need your Android phone (OS 5.0) and a Mac device (OS 10.10). So, update both devices.
  • Step #2:- Now, you’ll create an Apple ID account and link it with your mobile number. Now, obtain iMessage and enter your details.
  • Step #3:- Get Java Development Kit 9 and get this tool with at least Java version 7. Launch it to run the terminal command and do the following steps: System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility. Add it by hitting the “+” sign.
  • Step #4:- After downloading Java, download either weMessage or airMessage. These third-party apps can help you access iMessage. But can you play Game Pigeon on Android now? It only requires one tiny little tweak.
  • Step #5:- Now, you can download these third-party applications on your smartphone with the same information you used to access iMessage in the fourth step. Wait for your Android device to sync with it, and you’ve got iMessage on the phone.

What are Game Pigeon’s Android alternatives?

Are there apps like Game Pigeon available for Android users? Yes, there’s no shortage of similar apps on Android devices, and you can easily find some relevant ones on PlayStore. Game Pigeon lets you socialize with people by playing different games. You can do that by using some other well-known Android apps as well. Go on PlayStore and search for Game Pigeon. The first app you see will be Plato. So, that answers your question: “Can you play Game Pigeon on Android?” Get:

  • Plato:- This app has given Game Pigeon a hard-hitting competition recently. Users can play many games on this platform with groups of people and even send invites to friends.
  • HAGO:- It’s another alternative to Game Pigeon and lets you connect with people worldwide recreationally. This app also contains dozens of interesting games to play.
  • Facebook:- There’s no deficiency of interesting games on Facebook, and you can create your account now to benefit from Meta’s extensive gaming options. It also helps you invite your friends to play some games with you.
  • Telegram X:- This application is available for both Apple and Android customers. Some state that Telegram X has the largest collection of interesting websites on its platform.


Why is Poker not on the app anymore?

GamePigeon had to remove Poker due to some legal issues. But more other games are coming soon!

Why is GamePigeon not available on Android devices?

It’s an extension of Apple’s iMessage application and isn’t technically made for Android gadgets.

Has GamePigeon made a comeback among students recently?

Journalists showed in early 2022 that this app was again popular among students, and they played games such as Darts, 8 Ball, and Sea Battle, among others.

Are apps like GamePigeon available on Google’s PlayStore?

Yes, you can easily download POKO, Plato, or even Facebook to interact with friends while playing games online.

Are there any App Store products Android users also safely use in 2023?

The new iOS 15 updates allow Android users to call iPhone users via FaceTime.


In short, Game Pigeon is a popular iMessage app released in 2016. It’s become so famous that even Android users wish to download it. Alas, Apple doesn’t allow this product on rival devices. So, you can try many of its alternatives, such as Plato, HAGO, or Sociable. But can you play Game Pigeon on Android by tweaking it? Yes, there are some ways to get this extension on your Android device.