What is the TikTok Dark Mode Android?

TikTok dark mode Android

In the past few years, social media platforms have become hugely popular amongst people of all ages. As a result, many apps and websites are now tailored to suit a broad range of users, especially younger ones. One such app is TikTok, which has become incredibly popular among teens and young adults.

When was the last time you browsed through your TikTok account without straining your eyes? With the arrival of dark mode for Android on TikTok, users can now enjoy their time on the app without worrying about eye strain. The TikTok dark mode for Android is a feature that allows users to switch their entire user interface to a darker color palette. This makes the app easier on the eyes, as it reduces glare and improves visibility in low-light environments. Furthermore, it also helps to conserve battery life, as darker screens require less power to display.

Read on to explore the TikTok dark mode Android, its benefits, and how to activate it.

  1. Benefits of TikTok Dark Mode

Dark mode on Android helps reduce eye strain, as it reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen. This is especially useful for night-time users, as it helps to reduce fatigue after long hours of scrolling through TikTok content. Additionally, the dark mode also reduces battery usage on Android devices, as darker screens consume less power to display.

Additionally, the dark mode can improve readability on the app, as it makes text easier to read and contrasts images better. Furthermore, it can also be aesthetically pleasing, allowing users to customize their app according to their preferences.

  1. How to Activate TikTok Dark Mode on Android

Activating TikTok dark mode on Android is a simple process. All you need to do is open the app, then tap your profile icon in the lower-right corner. Next, tap the ‘Display and Sounds’ option on the settings page. Finally, select the dark mode toggle to switch your user interface into the dark mode.

And there you have it – your TikTok user interface should now be in a darker palette. After activating the dark mode, you can easily switch to the normal mode from the same settings page.

  1. Toggling Dark Mode On and Off

If you’d like to quickly switch between dark mode and normal mode on the TikTok app, swipe down on the main page to open the app’s Quick Settings menu. Here, you should see a dark mode toggle that can switch between the two modes.

The TikTok dark mode Android can be an excellent solution for those seeking an easier-on-the-eyes experience on the app. And now that you know how to activate it go forth and use this helpful feature! Have fun!


Question 1: Is the TikTok dark mode available on iOS?

The dark mode feature is also available for iOS users. To activate it, go to the Settings page and switch to ‘Dark.’

Question 2: Are there any other benefits of using TikTok dark mode?

Yes, besides reducing eye strain and conserving battery power, the dark mode can also help improve the app’s readability. Furthermore, it can help customize your user interface according to individual preferences.

Question 3: How do I turn off dark mode?

To switch back to normal mode, open the Settings page and toggle the ‘Dark Mode’ switch off. Alternatively, you can use the Quick Settings menu by swiping down the main page and toggling the dark mode feature.

Question 4: Is dark mode available for Android devices?

Yes, TikTok dark mode is available for Android devices. To activate it, go to the Settings page, tap the ‘Display and Sounds’ option, and toggle the dark mode switch to on.

Question 5: Is the dark mode feature easy to use?

Yes, it is straightforward to use. Activating and deactivating the dark mode takes only a few seconds and can be done from either the main settings page or the Quick Settings menu.

Question 6: What are the benefits of using dark mode on Android?

There are several benefits of using dark mode on Android, including reducing eye strain, improving readability, and conserving battery power. It can also be aesthetically pleasing as it allows users to customize their app according to their preferences.


Now that you know how to activate TikTok dark mode on Android, you can use this great feature whenever you need an easier-on-the-eyes experience. Whether it’s for reducing eye strain or customizing your user interface, the dark mode is sure to come in handy! With that said – happy scrolling and enjoy the ease of using dark mode on your Android device!