How to use a breakfast sandwich maker

How to use a breakfast sandwich maker

How to use a breakfast sandwich maker:

Did you get used to making bread at home like most of us during the pandemic? If yes, you’d love the product we will review because it is a treat for breakfast makers. Yes, we are talking about the latest breakfast sandwich maker, which sells like hotcakes these days. Skip the daily hassle of a drive-through breakfast from McDonald’s and enjoy fresh homemade sandwiches in just under five minutes.  Wondering how to use a breakfast sandwich maker? Simply follow the following steps:

  • Choose your favorite type of bread and plug in the machine. It turns on automatically and heats up quickly.
  • Now place the bread of your choosing inside the maker’s ring and place fillings like pre-cooked meat, veggies, or cheese in the bottom ring.
  • Lower the top plate over the bottom ingredients and crack an egg onto the barrier. Place another slice of bread on top and close the lid for five minutes. When you come back, your hot sandwich will be ready!

How to use a breakfast sandwich maker from Hamilton:

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is the most popular one in line, available for just $30. The best thing about this sandwich maker is that the cooking surfaces are non-stick, which means that if you make a mess with your egg, it’ll be easier to clean. The product’s build allows you took an unlimited choice of breakfast sandwiches, from your go-to American turkey sandwich to an English muffin! The ring placed with the egg cooking plate is removable, dishwasher friendly, and comes right out easily. So, you don’t have to worry about cheese and other fillings sticking to the side.

When you’ve got the Hamilton sandwich maker, why limit yourself to just sandwiches? First, test the horizons and experiment with sizzling grilled cheese, mini pizzas, sliders, or anything that may fit in the machine. If you are less willing to cook but got many mouths to feed, you can also try Hamilton’s Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, which can chug out more mouthwatering sandwiches in less time. If you are worried about using a breakfast sandwich maker of this size, relax because it’s as easy to use as the single one.

Even though it is a fantastic machine, it has one or two low points. The first thing you’ll struggle with is the timer. The suggested timer of five minutes isn’t feasible for every dish because it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 minutes for a sandwich to cook. So, if you lift the lid after five minutes, you’ll find your bread a bit on the burnt side. Don’t just put your sandwich in it and leave it on the safe side. Moreover, don’t smoosh ingredients as you do in a waffle or panini maker. Gently close the lid, and voila!

How to use a breakfast sandwich maker for cooking delicious recipes:

If you haven’t put your breakfast sandwich maker to good use yet, you’ve got to try the following delicious recipes.

Avocado Breakfast Sandwich:



One avocado

One tomato

One egg

One slice of cheese

How to cook: Lightly grease the surface with oil and place the bottom half of the bagel in the bottom compartment along with ¼ of avocado, two thin slices of tomato, and cheese. Close the bottom case and crack an egg into the top grill. Place the top half of the bagel in the top compartment, close the lid, and set the timer.

Egg, sausage, and cheese waffle sandwich:


One pre-cooked sausage patty

Two frozen waffles

One large, scrambled egg

Two tablespoons shredded cheddar cheese

How to cook: Cut the waffles in a 4-inch circle and place one in the bottom ring with sausage and cheese. Lower the top coil and plate and place the egg on the cooking plate. Place the entire remaining waffle and close the lid, slide out the cooking plate when the timer rings and remove the sandwich with a spatula.

Mini pepperoni pizza:


¼ shredded mozzarella cheese

Two tablespoons chopped onion

One tablespoon sliced black olives

¼ cup pizza sauce

1 English muffin or bread

Two tablespoons chopped green pepper

Four slices pepperoni

How to cook:

Place the bottom half of the muffin with sauce on top into the lower plate and top it with pepperoni, cheese, olives, onion, green pepper, and cheese. Place another muffin with sauce side-up and ingredients on the top plate and close the lid more down the ring. Set the timer and enjoy!


When you feel like enjoying a lavish breakfast every morning, don’t waste your time ordering or standing in line. Just get yourself a breakfast sandwich maker, and you can enjoy countless delicious recipes on the go. Learn how to use a breakfast sandwich maker and enjoy excellent breakfasts every day!