What is the Average Cost of a Gaming PC?

the Average Cost of a Gaming PC

The current gaming generation was brought up on Nintendo and Playstation but has moved on to better options today. It’s estimated that 200+ million Americans right now are gamers and these gamers won’t hesitate when it comes to spending on a quality gaming setup.

With the advent of photorealistic games with amazing world-building and incredible voice-acting, there’s no limit to how much one should spend on a computer today. But many gamers want to know the average cost of a gaming PC so they can buy a nice setup cost-effectively.

So, this article takes you through some basic issues regarding gaming setups. After reading this article, you shall have enough information to know how to get a good PC cheaply.

The average Cost of a Gaming PC – Is it worth it?

For many young boys and girls, gaming isn’t just a leisure activity but an excuse to socialize with pals online. Investing in a decent gaming PC can help gamers keep up with this pastime for a long time.

It makes sense to purchase a high-level gaming setup because you know that the graphical quality of a newer game will require you to upgrade the computer. That’s why we believe investing in a decent-looking gaming PC is worth it even if it’s a little expensive. You can keep it functional if you only:

  • Instead of water cooling, get some portable fans for it.
  • Glass cases for gaming PCs are costly so invest in an acrylic one.
  • You can always get some parts without RGB lighting as they will be cheaper.
  • Try buying second-hand gaming PCs or purchasing used parts when building one.

The Average Cost of a Gaming PC When You Build It

Alright, let’s discuss the cost of building your gaming setup.

Many gamers, unsurprisingly, invest in a well-built computer. It’s estimated that just under one-third of gamers are building their gaming PCs to ensure quality. It’s a time-consuming process and costs you anything between $400 and $4,000.

It is possible, however, to diminish the cost by using mid-tier essentials and building one for just under $2,200. Again, you can decrease the price by purchasing some second-hand (pre-owned) parts. So, it is possible to reduce the average cost of a gaming PC you have built by reading reviews on Amazon, comparing prices online, and trading parts with other gamers. Just be cautious when buying it!

The Average Cost of a Gaming PC You Can Find Online

After reading the chart below, you shall realize that there’s no concrete to your answer “What shall be the average cost of a gaming PC in 2023?” It all depends on your budget and other requirements. Generally speaking, tech gurus claim that gaming PCs may cost 800-1,200 US dollars.

However, you can buy a gaming PC for as cheap as $300, particularly if Hitman 2, Max Payne, and GTA Vice City are the games you wish to play. Therefore, read the chart below and decide on a gaming PC quickly.

NumberCostGaming PC
1.$300 to $700SkyTech Chronos Mini
HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop
2.$700 to $1,200SkyTech Blaze 3.0
Allied Gaming Patriot
3.$1,200 to $2,000Skytech Gaming Archangel
AVG PC Blizzard Gaming PC
MTG Aurora Business Computer

The Average Cost of a Gaming PC – A Comparison

Lastly, let’s discuss why you should and shouldn’t invest in a brand-new expensive gaming PC. Read the points given below to learn the advantages and disadvantages of cheap/costly gaming PCs.

You can now decide whether to spend your money on an expensive gaming setup or get an old one.

Cheap Gaming PCsCostly Gaming PCs
Less heatBad aestheticsNice aestheticsMaintenance is expensive
Easily upgradeableLower frame ratesGood frame ratesParts not easily replaceable
Find pre-owned ones easilyGraphical quality is not goodGood for livestreamingGenerate a lot of heat in your room
Longer lifespan of its partsTherefore, some games won’t runHigh-quality games run smoothlyNeed an expensive cooling system
Replacing parts is affordableYou can forget about running VR on themYou can easily run VR on these PCsNeed more electricity and cause higher bills


How long do gaming PCs last?

Generally, gaming PCs will start to degrade after 10 years, mainly because newer games will need higher graphics.

What makes gaming PCs so expensive today?

There’s no definite answer to this question about the rising average cost of a gaming PC in 2023. Maybe, companies are using expensive materials to build them.

Where can I buy gaming PCs cost-effectively?

You can try eBay, Craigslist, and similar websites to get some great deals on second-hand gaming setups.


In conclusion, this article has explained how to find the average cost of a gaming PC properly.

Moreover, you can know about finding the right gaming setup under budget. We gave a breakdown of gaming PCs available on Amazon according to your budget while explaining the pros and cons of cheap & costly PCs.

You may have also learned how to build your gaming setup without overloading your budget. Now, you should have realized that an average gaming PC may cost you somewhat between $800 and $1,200.