Can You Heal Yourself? 4 Mind-Boggling Body Hacks to Know About

Heal Yourself

Take a pause from whatever you are doing and concentrate a little on yourself. How does your body feel? Do you feel active? Does your lower back ache? What are you feeling at the moment? Are you content, low, or don’t feel anything at all? These questions may sound very common, but they give us an insight into the connection between our mind and body. Researches have proved that our mind and how we feel significantly impact every aspect of our well-being. In addition, our mind influences our emotions and our body functions. For instance, prolonged exposure to stress can weaken our immune system and make us prone to diseases and infections. Choosing to heal yourself in such a scenario, physically, emotionally, or mentally can help our body and mind recuperate.

We all have some unseen burdens that we carry, and only we know how much toll they take on our health and well-being. It is an adage that our mind, body, and soul share a bond. The connection between these three is what keeps us going or helps us stay fit. A slight disruption in either mind or body affects the rest of the functions. For instance, if you have a lot on your mind and your thoughts are constantly bothering you, it will eventually reflect on your physical and emotional health. As we live and grow through our years, we learn many things and face different hurdles. Our body is capable of self-repair. Often, these mechanisms are influenced by the thoughts, feelings, or beliefs that we have in our minds.

What Is Self-Healing?

The process of self-healing has a different meaning for everyone, but in general, self-healing refers to the process of recovery from psychological, emotional, or physical disturbances. On a broad spectrum, self-healing is more about deciding to heal yourself from all the mental or emotional turmoil you are going through. Many people associate the concept of self-healing with gestalt therapy. It is a form of psychotherapy focusing on personal responsibility and individual’s experiences concerning their present. Self-healing is only possible when we are aware of the changes in our body, cognitive patterns, and their impact on our body. The ability of our body to heal itself is amazing. Let’s talk about a small cut on your finger. A small cut in the finger may not cause much bleeding, but it bleeds for a minute. Often these minor cuts stop bleeding on their own; it is because our body repairs itself. Biologically our body is programmed to heal and repair itself from the damages or the wear tear occurring in our bodies.

How does self-healing work?

It is quite astonishing to know that our body has 30-40 trillion cells that are working tirelessly every second till our last breath. Our body is constantly busy processing the food we eat, providing us energy. Our cells maintain the equilibrium of or bring our bodies back to the natural balance. Anything in excess or lesser quantities have its consequences on our body. Our body needs a little help to heal itself. For instance, focusing on what we are eating or how much sleep we are getting can either boost or reduce our body’s function. If you want to heal yourself, you do not need to go through long and tiring procedures or do something extraordinary. Even small steps like improving your diet, adding more greens, or sleeping eight hours can boost your body’s ability to heal itself. Let us see how food ad sleep can help us in self-healing. Here are the two common ways.


Food plays a vital role in keeping our body functions. Our body can repair itself, but it also has some requirements that we can fulfill through food. Balance diet is common knowledge. We know that our body needs three essential macronutrients to keep its function and mechanisms running. Including proteins like eggs, chicken, or any meat to your plate boosts the enzymes. Adding greens to your food enhances digestion and soothes the energy centers that we have in our bodies.


Another way to heal yourself is through proper sleep. Helping us to get through our days or tough routine, our brain never stops for a second, nor does it rest. Imagine your brain stops working, horrifying thought, right? From processing our emotions to helping us think critically, our brain needs a recharge. Sleep is the only way our brain gets to recharge and rejuvenate its cells to get ready for another day. Sleeping eight hours helps our muscles to relax and recharge our brain to continue its functions.

1. Use your mind to heal yourself

If you dig out the history of the greatest monks or scholars that lived a healthy life and helped people around them, their main focus was training the brain. Rewiring our brain may seem difficult, but all it needs is consistent efforts. Our mind portrays what we feed into it. Like attract likes, so if you think positive thoughts, you will feel good, and your body will heal, but if you are sick and you start believing that you won’t make it, your mind believes that too. Today, many cancer survivors share their stories that training their brain to believe that they can heal or their disease has a cure helps them survive the disease.

2. Trying the placebo effect

Training your brain that you can heal yourself eventually works. It is commonly known as the “placebo effect.” For example, 18 to 80% of the clinical trials involve treating patients with placebos or sugar pills, making them believe that they are being cured. Their condition does improve because they believe that they are healing or get better.

3. Listen to your body

Even a doctor cannot know about your body the way you do. When we are under stress or our energy channels are blocked, our body alerts us. If you are spending most of your days feeling lethargic or sad, chances are your body needs some help to overcome the hurdles. If you face chronic pain, consult a physician to help your body heal instead of ignoring these signs.

4. Find the right support

When we are under stress, we reach out to our friends or loved ones for support. Humans are codependent on each other, and our support system plays a vital role in helping us heal. You can only heal yourself if you have the right people around you who can understand what you are going through and give you enough space and time to recuperate.


When you decide to heal yourself, it helps you say focused and healthy. Whether you are working or not, your mind and body need the energy to help you get through your average day. Self-healing is essential to boost our immune system, enhance our cognitive ability, and maintain natural body balance. In addition, self-healing reduces the chances of many diseases and relieves mental stress that prevents your body from being prone to diseases.

Self Healing material

You do not need to travel far and wide to gather the materials to heal yourself. Instead, you can find things in your kitchen garden or pantry to start self-healing. Herbs like rosemary or chamomile help your mind relax and heal itself. You can even heal your mind and body through infused scents of lavender or other herbs that positively impact your body. For example, using essential oils in your baths or having herbs-infused tea soothes anxiety. It can also boost the energy centers that help in soul healing. Our body, mind, and soul are connected. We can only live healthy if the connection between these three is smooth and without any hurdle. Meditation is also effective if you want to heal yourself however many experts say that meditating around scented candles activates your senses, and it also helps your mind focus better on your breathing and yourself.