Atari Console

If you look at the history of the gaming world, you will find the world’s first gaming console marvel named “Magnavox Odyssey.” When you connect it to the TV, three dots appear on the screen, and the dots change depending on the game.

However, Atari is known as the first home video game console. It was a Ping-Pong style game that was released through Sears. There are different types of gaming consoles available in the market, for instance, Sega Saturn, TurboGrafx-16, Intellivision, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Atari 2600, different versions of Sony Playstation 1 to 4, different versions of Microsoft Xbox, and many more. But two of them are the most famous gaming consoles available in the market, one is Sony PlayStation 4 and second Microsoft Xbox One; both the consoles are 8TH generation.

Here is a small comparison available between Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4.



Nowadays, PS4 and Xbox One are the most famous games around the world only because of their specifications. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are multiple times more impressive than any other versions. The Xbox One’s CPU is faster than his counterpart.

If you look at the RAM, the two consoles accompany 8GB of RAM. The Xbox comes with a couple of megabytes of implanted memory that allows it to coordinate better than PS4 in many ways.

XBOXIf you talk about GPU, then the PS4 has a more impressive Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). In the end, the two consoles are of similar quality.




Let us talk about controllers, the Sony PlayStation 4, comes with a controller called DualShock 4, and the look of this controller is quite appealing. There is also a little speaker in the PS4 controller. The implanted thumb cushions are bigger than the Xbox. It’s more significant and comes equipped with outward-bending triggers, and an interactive touchpad on the front and a multifunctional light-bar. This controller comes with a rechargeable function.

The Xbox One controller has many components and includes two more motors, a little thumb cushions on the simple sticks, and also required AA batteries. The Xbox Elite controller is another notable attraction for Xbox lovers. So the controllers of Ps4 have fewer numbers than the Xbox One.




Now there is another thing to differentiate between these two are ports. Microsoft stuffed an IR Blaster and two HDMI ports to the Xbox, and it allows you to interface the comfort to satellite boxes and digital TV. In PS4, Sony also has an HDMI port. Both consoles have an Ethernet port, and two USB inputs and only PS4 has a camera port. And if you need Kinect on your Xbox One S or X, you’ll need a connector. So as far as ports are concerned, both are similar.




The PS4 interface intended to be available. It’s straightforward, and you can make sense of it. Even though it can become busy as you develop your library, you can sort out games into custom organizers to facilitate the looking overweight. 

The Xbox One’s UI is more mind-boggling, but at the same time, it’s increasingly hearty and practical. The interface intended to work also to that of Windows 10.

Microsoft refreshes the Xbox One interface, including highlights at the command of the network. While the PS4’s menu is less complex to explore for newcomers, the Xbox has more highlights to assist you with finding the games or applications.




If we look at the hard drive PS4 and The Xbox One, both have 500 GB Space available. Playstation 4 offers a removable hard drive, which means you can easily upgrade your hard drive whenever you want. The PS4 supports 8TB external hard drive, and it connects with the console via USB.

At the other end, the Xbox One has another advanced version available with a 1TB hard drive and can also use the external hard drive through the USB port. It is not possible to easily upgrade its hard drive.




Microsoft did not allow its users to reuse the used games. There is a restriction on users to buy only new games CD, not the old one. At the other end, Sony does not restrict its user to trade old game CD’s.

There are many games available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, and there are also some exclusive games for both the consoles, it is like you cannot find these games for any other console.


Both PS4 and Xbox One have different pros and cons, so it is totally up to you which one you like. There is not much difference in the price of both consoles. If you bought a high-end 4K/UHD television and you want to enjoy your gaming experience on a big screen, the Xbox One X is the best option available for you.


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