What Is Mind Hacking And How It Can Make You More Productive?

Mind hacking

Mind hacking – Perhaps a new way for people to deal with overthinking and stress. But what is it? And how can it make you more productive? Let’s check out!

What is Mind Hacking?

The latest neuroscience study has observed a significant shift in human thinking. According to it, you can change your mind for good by practicing mind hacking – a method that works by reprogramming your mind. No matter what gender you belong to, what age group you’re in, whatever personal challenges you’re going through – mind hacking works for any or everyone. It’s capable of changing your life and mind for practical personal benefits. Not only this, but it also helps you find solutions to problems that make you completely baffled. The cherry on the top – mind hacking starts working the second you start practicing it.

How does it work?

Generally, being notorious for their technical computer skills, hackers are considered criminals. However, Sir John Hargrave thinks that everyone in this world is a hacker. Not the one who is associated with technology, but the one who works their way out through mind.

In his book, ‘Mind hacking,’ Sir John Hargrave describes how we can develop our cognitive control and make our minds focus. According to him, this would result in us being successful in our lives, work, and school.

Also known as metacognition, meta-thinking involves thinking about our thinking. Meta-thinking encourages the process of mind hacking. It enables us to reflect on our thoughts, hack them, and change them according to our needs or something we want to achieve in life, relationships, work, school, whatsoever.

Now, let’s dig into how mind hacking can make you productive by discussing its benefits side by side.

Benefits Of Mind Hacking; How can it make you more productive?

  1. Helps You Get Rid Of Addictions

In a broader sense, addiction is considered a chronic disease. Instead of lifelong treatments for addiction, professionals endorse neuroplasticity – a process in which the brain forms new neural connections and reorganize itself. If you’re dealing with addiction, reprogramming your brain to practice better things in life will make you more likely to stay sober and eventually break free from addiction. And finally, you’d be able to live your life productively.

Professionals will make you achieve neuroplasticity by asking you to pen down your routine from the time you wake up to the time you sleep, and you’d also be advised to include everything in that routine from work to sleep. Being an addict, you will pen down your routine as – use a substance, feel bad, use a substance again; professionals will make you follow your routine as productive, feel good, and be more productive. The main idea behind making you write your daily practices is to transform your negative loop into a virtuous cycle. And that’s how mind hacking proves beneficial toward you and other addicts by enabling all to overcome addiction.

  1. It Makes You Feel Motivated

Penning down your resolutions, thoughts, and ideas is such a powerful mind hacking tool that its significance can’t be stressed enough. Writing down your thoughts helps you get your idea out of your head and into your hand, thereby making you closer to anything you’ve been thinking about, leaving you feel motivated to achieve it.

A study was conducted back in the days, and people were asked to maintain a food journal in which they had to list whatever food items they were consuming. To everyone’s surprise, people who kept strict track of their diet and wrote every item they consumed lost more weight than those who mentioned lesser things. This implied that writing down routine diet created a sense of responsibility among the people, and the journal acted as a motivator for them to opt for better options.

  1. Enables you to develop desired virtues in yourself

Who doesn’t likes the idea of self-improvement? Everyone does. Obviously, self-improvement helps you to become a better you, thereby making your productivity levels soar! Mind hacking can help you develop your desired virtues and encourage self-improvement. You can start incorporating this hack by creating a grid of weekdays followed by rows of your desired virtues. You can keep track of your progress on those virtues by marking a particular virtue black when you think you didn’t live up to it on one specific day. If you think practicing it is not proving beneficial for you, you can try practicing Hargrave’s way of hacking the mind.

In his book, Sir John Hargrave proposed to write down 5 sentences 15 times a day. These sentences are basically fill-in-the-blanks that you’ve to fill according to your desires. These fill-in-the-blanks include:

  • I will become ______.
  • I will give ______.
  • I will have ______.
  • I will do ______.
  • I will feel ______.

Filling these blanks would make you focus on your goals and be more productive with each passing day.

  1. Puts an end to your negative thought loops

Your thoughts are created by loops that give rise to actions, which impact your life. And so, your quality of life is highly influenced by the quality of your loops. With that being said, it’s very critical to put an end to negative thought loops completely. You can try implementing yet another mind hacking practice which is the ‘Five Whys’ technique. This technique involves asking yourself ‘why’ 5 times to detect the origin of the problem you repeatedly tell yourself. By doing so, you’d be able to sort your negative thought loops out, thereby making your brain reject the thought of it in the future.

  1. Develops the ability of selective attention

Facing difficulty focusing on something? Say no more. The cue-and-reward system helps you stick your focus on anything you want, and that too for as long as you like. Following this mind hacking practice, you can successfully focus on your desired piece by tuning out the unimportant. It involves:

  • Choosing a constant reward like music, breakfast, or shower, when you live up to it
  • Choosing a constant reminder like a digital one
  • Choosing a constant place where you think you won’t be distracted
  • Choosing a constant time
  1. Transform your small pushes into big effects

It’s essential to focus on carrying out the right tasks. Why? Because these tasks work the way, the keystone habits work. Keystone habits are those habits or changes that a person introduces in his routine that involuntarily become part of every aspect of their life. So when you start focusing on the right tasks, you give rise to a chain effect that results in you making a lot of progress.

For instance, if you’ve got a keystone habit of exercising for half an hour a day, you’re more likely to feel better. Feeling better would increase your motivation. This increased motivation would make you set goals. Setting goals would make you feel productive. This productivity would help you achieve your desired goals. Achieving those goals would make you feel more productive, and that is how the chain would continue. Therefore, mind hacking greatly contributes to turning your small moves into significant outcomes.

  1. Upgrades you to a super-user from a simple-user

To increase your overall productivity and efficiency, you need to reprogram your mind and target your goals. You can achieve this by putting a mind hacking technique into practice. This technique involves logging out of user mode – the default way our brain works. And logging into super-user mode – the mode that allows us to take hold of our brain and function the way we want.


Practicing mind hacking is not as difficult as people might perceive. Once you’re able to wrap your head around it, your life is sure going to become better. Just as is the case with the energy healing process. The above mentioned are some mind hacking methods along with the benefits they bring about. You should start considering adopting it if you really want to see your life changing for good because these methods can accelerate your productivity, progress, and success.