Top Promotional Products Ideas For Companies To Keep Customers For The Long-Run


In a world full of advertising and promotional content, being consistently bombarded at consumers, being seen, and recognized is a feat. Many businesses spend millions in this process and still, at times, end in vain. Marketing your products requires a well-defined strategy, and one such marketing tactic is giving out promotional products.

Handing out free promotional products to your customers is a remarkable way to stay in their minds for more than a few minutes of interaction. According to researchers, most people keep a promotional product for seven months before they discard it. And this means they have a constant advertisement source in front of them that keeps reminding them of your brand. Because of this, free promotional products are a useful marketing tool to incorporate in your overall publicity campaign.

Here are the top promotional product ideas you can make use of for reminding the consumers about your company:

  • Magnets:

The kitchen is one place in our houses where we spend quite a lot of time. We consume meals throughout the day, at different intervals, which means we frequently need to access the kitchen. If you give out magnets as a promotional item, it will most likely stay on your consumers’ fridge for a long time. And till then, it will be a continuous advertisement sticking on their fridge, reminding them of the product or service they bought from you.

  • Thermos:

This one pretty much depends on your budget. Giving insulated thermos as a promotional product will cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you have a few exclusive clients you need to retain, giving out insulated thermos is a great way to create a long-term bond.

Moreover, it gives out a very professional feel. If you want to make a more long-lasting impression on your clients, then a thermos is the right choice. These are costly, which is also why customers will think twice before tossing such promotional products out. And they are more likely to keep a hold of such items for the long run.

  • Clothing Items:

Giving out t-shirts or p-caps in your promotional campaign is one of the most common in businesses. Promotional products act amazingly as a reminder to your customer about your brand. But what better than that reminder being showcased to many other people? When your customer wears the apparel, many other people will also look at your brand name or logo. And this will serve as a compelling reminder to many.

However, remember to maintain a good quality when choosing apparel as your promotional souvenir. Most people are picky about the quality of the clothing they adorn. A cheap quality item can give a wrong impression of your business. A promotional item is supposed to promote the right image instead of tarnishing it. So always remember to distribute high-quality apparel products.

  • Mugs:

Well, who doesn’t love getting an adorable mug as a freebie? It is a great way to market your brand by putting your logo on an irresistibly chic cup. We are all either into drinking tea or coffee daily. And this means your customers are reminded of your brand several times each day while they sip some hot coffee in your promotional mug. However, you should invest a little in making the mug stand out. For example, use a sleek shape with bold colors if you are marketing your interior décor business. Giving it a more personalized look makes it relatable for your customers.

  • Wall Clocks:

One other item that you can expect to stick around with your customers consistently is a wall clock. There are only a few homes that may lack it. And this makes it a perfect opportunity for you to utilize.

  • Attachable Flashlights:

Imagine you are coming back late from work. You sit in your car and accidentally drop your keys somewhere in the dark. Searching for them will now seem like a task unless you have a flashlight on you. You remember having one lying around in your bag. Voila! The promotional product saved the day, or maybe the night.

However, the bottom line is that your consumer can use the flashlight for an emergency purpose. And it will create quite a lasting impact on their mind seeing your logo on the thing that helped them out so much.

  • Bookmarks:

Bookmarks are the perfect option if your target audience is avid readers or linked in some way to reading books. For example, bookmarks are appropriate if you promote an educational institute, a publication house, or even yourself as a writer. Readers love owning bookmarks as it helps them keep track of where they left their last reading. Giving out fancy bookmarks with quotes or fun statements is an enjoyable way to make eye-catching promotional products.

  • Calendars:

Most people own calendars in their homes that help with remembering dates or jotting down reminders. They are either hung around on walls or placed over a counter or tabletop. And this is why calendars are a fantastic way to offer promotional items since they are frequently looked at.

  • Pen and Clip Holders:

It is a pretty common sight to visit a doctor’s clinic and notice a pharmaceutical company’s name or logo on the pen or clip holder. Stationary holders are appropriate to hand over to clients who work in an office like the doctor’s clinic we just talked about. They serve as an effective and consistent reminder to the client of your existence and offer a more long-lasting impact than even an advert.


Marketing is all about grasping and retaining your consumer’s attention. Numerous promotional tools help marketers to fulfill this objective. And one such marketing tactic is handing out free promotional products. Such promotional items serve as a constant reminder for your clients and help reduce the chances of forgetting about your company. If your brand’s name stays in your potential customer’s mind, they are most likely to buy from you the next time as well. We have jotted down a few of the top promotional products for you to take inspiration from. You can choose which suits your business model the best and workaround to create a promotional strategy that works wonders for your business!