Step into the Dark Side with these Gadgets

dark side of gadgets

Fear of the dark is a phenomenon and not just a song by Iron Maiden. It is one of the most common problems that plague both adults and children. This type of phobia is usually known as Nyctophobia, which means fear of the darkness or the night.

That said, a fear usually becomes a phobia when it impacts your everyday life. However, while some anxiety and fear are normal, it might be time to take some drastic measures. when it starts to affect your day-to-day life

For example, if you are a ghost hunter, you want the night to be your friend rather than your enemy. Imagine having Nyctophobia and encountering a ghost during the night; you’ll probably go into shock, faint, or worse, experience a heart attack.

Or, if you are a night camper, then the fear of the dark wouldn’t do you any favors. Fortunately, technology allows us to help reduce our anxiety about the darkness through various gadgets and pieces of tech.

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So, without further ado, tel us take a look at what these gadgets are.

Ghost hunting equipment

Paranormal investigators, in their never-dying efforts to prove the existence of ghosts, also utilize technology. They use equipment that logs and records videos, images, and sound to analyze and present their findings.

That said, while Ghosthunters use technology to provide proof of paranormal existence, their findings also uncover alternative explanations sometimes.

However, usually, there are gadgets dedicated for the sole purpose of hunting ghosts. These can range anywhere from EVP meters to spirit boxes to night vision cameras to EMF detectors.

So, if you have a keen interest in paranormal existence and want to document your finding, consider visiting SpiritShack to purchase the ghost hunting equipment you want to take on your next ghost hunt or paranormal investigation.

Rechargeable hand warmer

If you’re someone who enjoys the crisp and cold night air, then you will want to keep a handwarmer with you, especially if you are an avid lover of night camping trips.

Like one from Karecel, a rechargeable hand warmer offers double-sided hand coverage while offering three different heat settings. These settings start from 104 degrees Fahrenheit and go up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

On top of that, this hand warmer houses a 5200MAH battery which usually lasts up to two days on a full charge. Moreover, you can also use this handwarmer as a portable phone charger. In addition, it has overloading and short circuit protection.

So, rest assured that the device will stay functional for a long time. Right now, you can purchase the Karecel Hand Warmer for 26 dollars.

Solar charger

Sure the Karecel hand warmer will double up as a portable phone charger. However, it is a lot better to buy a standalone, dedicated portable mobile phone charger. Enter the GRDE Solarcharger. This device consists of small solar panels on one side and a 16,000 MAH battery on the other.

You can charge it from a wall socket before heading out into the night, allowing you to have backup power whenever you require it. Moreover, this portable charger comes with a backup LED flashlight, which operates for around 22 hours. So, rest assured you will always have light during the night.

Bike light

Biking outdoors is usually a dangerous activity, especially if you are doing it in the dark. Typically, at night, drivers and oncoming traffic might not be able to see you correctly. Sure, reflectors do the job pretty well.

However, investing in a bike light will take visibility one step further. And not to worry, as Bikesphere is an excellent product for individuals looking for a bike light. This gadget creates a laser ring on the ground whenever a car comes too close to you.

Thanks to this red ring, drivers and oncoming traffic will be able to see you clearly, staying away from you.

Light up helmet

While riding a bike, a helmet is a necessary piece of safety equipment. You might have heard of smartphones. However, have you ever heard of a smart bike helmet? Well, Lumos is here to cater to your safety needs.

This intelligent helmet has a red light attached to its back and white light to its front. In addition, it also has right and left indicators for when you want to take a turn. Such a thing will allow incoming drivers to know which direction the biker wants to turn towards.

Plus, it has a light for when you apply the brakes. This helmet is a fully functional safety, plus an indication gadget for when you want to bike in the nighttime.

Night vision camera

Surveillance is an essential aspect of every security setup. However, if you are a paranormal investigator or you want to give your security setup an extra boost, a night vision camera is a perfect gadget for you. Ghosthunters can identify hot spots via a night vision camera, while home security buffs can monitor unusual activity through one.

That said, you can purchase these cameras in various shapes and sizes, ranging from pocketable cameras to 4K, high-definition ones that require a camera mount. Moreover, you can also integrate them with your smartphone, control it through a buddy app, and view surveillance video on it.

The monitoring possibilities are endless with a night vision camera.

EMF recorder

DC and AC both generate electromagnetic fields, usually measured in volts per meter. EMF refers to electromagnetic fields and is a sign of paranormal existence. Not to mention, it allows you to pick up stray EMFs inside your house that might cause damage to your health.

That said, an EMF meter is an excellent gadget if you’re going on a ghost hunt for the first time. Not to mention, it is a nifty device to have around your house, especially if you are an engineer.


Many people are afraid of the dark, no matter their age or gender. If you are amongst these individuals, then the gadgets mentioned above will surely help. Some might be more useful than others. However, they are a must-have if you are afraid to go into the dark on your own, especially if you are a ghost hunter or late-night camper!