How You Can Practice Soul Healing to Turn Your Life Around Positively

soul healing

We all go through a fair share of emotional burdens and traumas in our life. As much as we try to stay positive and practice mindfulness to keep these issues at bay, we still get affected by them. The impact of a problem is not always physical or emotional; sometimes, it buries deep inside our soul. The problems and implications do not have a particular time or age. They can affect anyone regardless of their age. We often see pre-teens and teenagers struggling with various problems in life. Some of our friends or even adults often complain that they have lost the will to live or everything appears to be disoriented. Besides trying all the therapies and medicines, their problems do not seem to go away. The good news is that soul healing can help fix their problems or equip them with tips to fight the issues in their lives.

Why Is Soul Healing Important For Us?

If you are looking for similarities between spiritual or soul healing, they are similar. Experts believe that we all carry traumas and unresolved issues within us that feast on our spirit or soul if left untreated for a long time. We often don’t feel it until the overall effect becomes too heavy to bear, and our body feels drained of energy. Spiritual healing has been in practice for years. Many cultures believe that to heal yourself; one needs to heal their mind, body, soul.

Some different therapies or techniques work best when combined with other methods. For instance, doing yoga alone can make you feel better and relaxed, but doing yoga with a support group to share your issues will have a more healing effect on you. If everything has failed and you still feel that debilitating pain, this is where you can turn to soul healing but let us know a little about it.

What is Soul Healing?

Before understanding soul healing, it is vital to understand what do we mean by soul. People have different concepts about the soul. The most common concept about the soul is that it is a part of ourselves that we often consider supreme. Or it is the core of our life that keeps us going. It is believed to comprise certain qualities and virtues taught by religion and culture. Moreover, it is an energy healing system similar to healing touch, Reiki, and other mindfulness therapies focusing on spiritual healing. The only difference is that soul healing focuses more on the issues troubling our soul. This particular healing goes beyond the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of our health, giving it a more robust and direct impact on our lives.

Often people confuse or mix soul healing with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy aims to help people resolve their cognition and psychological issues like depression, anxiety, and other hurdles. On the other hand, soul healing is all about enhancing your destiny and true self.

How does it work?

Who hasn’t heard or used the word YOLO or “you only live once.” We have heard various senses saying that life is too short or there is only one life. Some cultures or religious beliefs assume that life is a series of incarnations concentrating on fulfilling or achieving certain soul lessons. Our soul is amazing as it heals itself. The problem arises when specific energy pathways gets blocked. Soul healing techniques focus on resuming or redirecting the flow of energy to assist the soul in healing itself.

Healers trained in soul healing use your past and present experiences to look into your problems and find areas where the energy flow appears to be restricted. Once a healer has identified the problem, they then move towards unblocking the energy pathway to help your soul heal. These healing sessions are expressive, holistic, transpersonal, or art therapies.

How to practice?

The process of soul healing involves five spiritual techniques used to transform and heal your soul.

  1. Sound power/healing

This method involves the sound of soul and heart by combining it with sacred soul song and other divine healing mantras to increase the vibration of energy required to heal our soul.

  1. Breathing power

This process focuses on breathing techniques to boost the healing process by improving the airflow.

  1. Body power

This technique involves a specific hand or body position to develop or unblock the energy flow through our body.

  1. Mind power

This method involves the mind over matter concept. It enhances the use of your mind in clouding creative visualization and intention to transform every aspect of your life.

  1. Soul power

This method of soul healing applies the power of soul over matter to transform and heal itself.

Impact of soul healing on mental health

We all are carrying some unseen burdens that we don’t want to drop. Unfortunately, carrying these emotional and mental burdens can take a toll on our mental health, leaving us prone to depression and anxiety. Soul healing therapies can help us overcome these mental blocks. Here is how it helps.  Mental health plays a substantial role in our well-being, and soul healing techniques have shown positive results interacting with them.

  1. Addressing the root cause

We all believe that to solve a problem, we first need to find its root cause. Our body can often project hidden problems by manifesting physical symptoms. Dealing with such ailments can become complex if the root cause remains unidentified. Soul healing becomes crucial to address the root cause to resolve the hidden traumas. Learning to release the energy blockade or changing its pattern can improve symptoms like headaches.

  1. Unlocking blockage

At times we are the ones blocking our energy without knowing it. One of the common ways of blocking our energy is to be more conscious about pleasing others and neglecting ourselves. We all need a break from the chaos and stressors to pay attention to our bodies’ needs. Spiritual or soul healing allows an individual to one new door of compassion and love for themselves. It improves our cognitive abilities and improves our focus.

  1. Helps you move on

Our issues become complex when we keep repeating our issues in our heads. Mental health issues can become worse if we are stuck in that loop. Soul healing helps you move on by understanding the cause and impacting our lives in the longer run. Soul healing gives you the wisdom and strength to lead a fulfilled life. It also helps you to assess your personal development and growth. Moving on is the first step to release your energy, and mental health issues can only be resolved by moving on.


Soul healing is a holistic path for spiritual growth. People seeking spiritual growth and complete wellness through Energy Healing and rectify other health issues. Soul healing sessions can be as short as 30 minutes an hour long.  We believe that sickness and healing begin at a spiritual level. Our soul is the core of our being, and a little disruption in our energy center can also affect mental and emotional health. Understanding the impact of our energy centers and their role in our life can be solved through soul healing. You can find many experts offering soul healing and helping individuals to overcome the issues in their lives.