10 Cool Desk Gadgets to Keep In Your Office to Relieve Stress

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Let’s get one thing straight: the greatest desk gadgets shouldn’t keep you from writing a report, planning a presentation, or taking care of day-to-day tasks. The proper game, jigsaw, or stress toy can help you be more productive at work by reducing stress and allowing you to focus better on the tasks at hand. These best selections, which vary in price, design, and function, all have two things in common: they’re tiny and a lot of fun to use. In reality, these little (but powerful) desk gadgets don’t take up a lot of your valuable work area. Many of these best-selling puzzles are also portable, so you may bring them to and from work if you can’t stomach leaving your workplace with a half-finished problem.

If you’re looking for a fun way to de-stress with colleagues or if you find your job strain to be overwhelming at times, try bringing these top-selling desk gadgets to your office. Most of these desk toys also serve as decoration, enabling you to brighten up your workstation while you’re at it. You’ve hit the jackpot!

All labor and no leisure, as they say, makes for a pretty grumpy employee. However, how many individuals get the opportunity to play at work? Not many. Apart from the fortunate few who work at firms with basketball courts, ping-pong tables, and video games in the workplace, of course.

Therefore, every employee requires at least one desk gadget to help them de-stress and refocus. I’ve compiled a complete list of gadgets and gizmos that will keep you engaged for hours. Alright, don’t toy with them too much (otherwise, we’ll both end up in trouble).

The Risks of Working in a Cumbersome Professional Environment

Health Disorders

There are various consequences of stress on the psychological mind. To cope with stress, employees engage in hazardous behaviors such as heavy drinking and smoking, leading to fatal cardiac problems and stroke in the long term. It’s not rare to see somebody in their 30s and 40s experience a heart attack these days, and also, young individuals in their early twenties are susceptible to the harmful effects of stress. High job expectations and lingering discontent are key drivers of stress for many working professionals.

In many European countries, stress is widely recognized as a major occupational hazard, and as a result, various stress-reduction exercises are scheduled for employees.

Stress-relieving gadgets are widely recognized and authorized by European health institutions. Regular use of these devices has been shown to reduce negative performance impacts on employees and even boost moods.

What Are Stress-Relieving Gadgets and How Do They Work? What Role Do They Play in Stress Reduction?

Relaxation is a crucial component in dispersing all of the bad energy that we take in daily. Professionals may relieve stress by playing with stress-relieving toys, which are both relaxing and therapeutic.

The days of twisting your hair and chewing your nails are long gone, so make sure you have some stress relievers on your desk. Stress is brought on by a surge of chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones are connected to giving us instant energy or equipping us with the tools we need to fight when we are in danger.

Because these triggers are activated throughout the day, our bodies may get overworked and experience a mental breakdown.

As a result, it’s critical to give periods of diversion through the usage of desk gadgets regularly to reduce overall stress levels. In May 2015, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Department Madison’s of Psychology performed a study with 30 college students to better understand stress impacts. When the group was exposed to stress balls as their primary exercise, the study found clear evidence that a considerable margin decreased stress.

While many of the toys are traditional stress relievers, the new age toys help relieve mental strain and calm the mind. The true advantage of these desk toys is their ability to cope with stress over time.

10 Great Gadgets to Keep at Your Desk

  1. Original Buddha Board as Your Desk Gadget

To convert this blank canvas into your zen artwork, simply adding water. You may even use it as a makeshift notepad if you’re truly in a scramble.

  1. Cornhole on the Desktop (Miniature Edition)

Cornhole’s objective is to land as many bean bags from one side of the platform to the other as possible. At fairs and outdoor get-togethers, it’s a beloved game. The little cornhole game is just as entertaining as the original and is a fantastic way to relax with your colleagues while playing a game or two.

The small kit includes mini bean bags and elevated platforms for an excellent good time anytime you want it. The board game is perfect for an office setting since it can accommodate up to four players at a time. The competitiveness will undoubtedly generate a lively atmosphere, and you will be able to reduce your stress levels immediately during your break.

  1. Punching Ball for the Desktop

Let it all out by hitting this sturdy spring punching ball that suctions straight onto your desk, whether you’re upset with yourself, coworkers, or your expanding to-do list. I’ve had the punching ball for over a year, and it’s still going strong. Coworkers regularly come to my workplace to try their hand at it, and it is unquestionably a hit.

  1. Essential Oil for Stress Relief

Keeping a bottle of essential oils in your workplace for moments of worry might assist during stressful times – I have one in my handbag and take a sniff anytime I need a diversion. You may also invest in an essential oils diffuser if you have a private workplace.

  1. Foot Mat for Exercise

This mat fits neatly beneath your desk and will keep your feet occupied while you work. Just make sure your coworkers aren’t freaked off by your naked feet. It releases stress instantly and makes your feet feel wonderful. Instant relaxation!

  1. Kinetic Sand

Mold the Kinetic Sand into whatever shape you can think of to express your inner creativity. You won’t have to worry about a messy work desk because the clay-like material comprises non-sticky components. The desk gadget is designed for people who want to make shapes or figures, and it may give minutes of entertainment during a boring workday.

The various colors allow you to create unique patterns to show off to your coworkers and wow them with your inventiveness. The Kinetic Sand is an excellent item to give as a present to a coworker and to experience the soothing process with them.

  1. Decision-Making Magnet

This swinging ball desk gadget, in the manner of a Magic 8-Ball, is ideal for your indecisive colleague and will help them land on their decision. The pressures of making life decisions are no longer an issue! I’m no longer torn between accepting a certain employment offer (try again) and pursuing my goal of buying a convertible Bugatti (yes).

  1. Best Desk Gadget – The Calm Cube

The calm cube is a fantastic piece of equipment that helps you instantly de-stress your mind with its numerous functions. The cube is fashioned like a “dice,” with a different characteristic on each side of the surface.

Click rubber buttons, flick switches, spin wheels, glide a joystick, and roll over a surface with this toy. The calm cube is a great workplace desk gadget to keep around when you need to de-stress because of its many uses.

The simple rubber item allows you to calm your nerves while maintaining your attention. If you’re feeling anxious, pull out your calm cube and start fiddling with its numerous capabilities to keep your mind quiet.

  1. Sensory Toys

Fidget toys are commonly recommended for those with ADHD or autism, but they can also help people with anxiety. There are lots to pick from on Amazon, and they’re all compact enough to carry to sit on your desk.

  1. Stress Ball in Vibrant Colors

For this multi-colored wooden desk gadget, the possibilities are infinite. The 20 spheres may be manipulated into a variety of forms and figures by both children and adults. Another advantage is that it is simple to use, even with arthritic hands.

Everyone who comes into my friend’s workplace asks about them or plays with them because he brought them to work with him. When he’s stuck on a problem, he tries a different setup to clear his mind and come up with a solution.


While exercise can help the body disperse stress, it is not readily available in an office setting, so we must use stress toys to simulate the same release of endorphins. For the same reason, physicians give patients a stress ball before surgery to help them relax.

When used in moderation, stress toys can help us remove anxiety-inducing symptoms and live a stress-free life.