Reason CornFlakes Were Invented Will Put You Off More Than Your Breakfast


Millions of people are starting their days with a small bowl of cornflakes. But what do you think, the cornflakes are simple cereal. But when you see the history of the corn flax inventions, you will feel the reason corn flakes were made. The reason is pretty long. Hence the corn flames are high in nutrition values. But is this the only reason? The corn flex was only invented to serve as breakfast cereal.

It is pretty odd to understand why someone has intentionally invented a tasteless food. And without adding anything, eating is pretty impossible. So then why was this bland food created? Hence it is pretty tough to agree that this food is only intended to serve as a breakfast food.

Let’s have a glimpse at the history of the Cornflake inventions.


The Invention Of Cornflakes

In America in the 1850’s America, people liked to know more about the breakfast menu. And the traditional menus are taking a long time to process. This was the time of the industrial revolutions in the entire region. While you are in the middle of the revolutions, you will have minimal time for your breakfast.

The traditional breakfast menus are full of pastries, pancakes, beef steaks, and bread. These menus are pretty long. One busy person did not have that much time to complete the menu. So financially, this menu is far more extravagant and huge.

This is when people want their breakfast menu to be precisely small and nutritious, which keeps them full for a long time. As a result, in 1894, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg invented the perfect breakfast cereal.

Which we know the name of the cornflakes. After that historical invention, the popularity of the cornflakes is maintained in the growth graphs. And century after century, this tasteless breakfast cereal holds its permanent position on the people’s breakfast table.

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Relation Between The Corn Flax And Carnal Sins

Cornflakes are a popular healthy and nutritious dietary supplement. But this is not enough. The history of the cornflake’s inventions is far more profound than you thought. At that time in America, masturbation and sex were addressed as carnal sins.

And Dr. John Harvey Kellogg heavily believes the modern dietary routine is responsible for increasing the tendency of carnal sins. For example, contemporary breakfast routines are full of protein. They believe these corn flax inventions keep the Americans from committing carnal sins.

He believes the meats and sauces have higher impacts on the human nerve and irritate it. So the main target is to keep the Americans away from carnal sins and minimize their protein intake. This is the reason he invented this highly nutritious breakfast cereal.

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Healthy Differences Between Cornflax And Traditional Meals

The cornflakes have a relatively low amount of protein compared to the traditional beef steaks. And when you are straightening the cornflakes, you will consume less processed sugar.

These two factors are causing severe health problems among people. Often the elderly complain about digestive issues. In the 1890s American beef steaks were a common part of the traditional breakfast. Without consuming the beef steaks, the breakfast is counted as incomplete.

The indigestions and health factors are responsible for the popularity of cornflakes. And theses popularity keeps growing. More people are starting to add corn flax to their breakfast menus. But apart from the healthy factors, the inventor clearly believed this dietary supplement was keeping the Americans away from sin.

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Is This Really Effective?

Carnal Sins’ concepts are valid. In the 1890s American masturbation and unnatural sex continues as strange and sinful events. And the church has strictly abolished these two things. Virginity is the only thing continuing as the natural and noble.

The main target was to control masturbation. Dr’s intentions were simple, and he targeted to invent a simple breakfast with less amount of protein and carbs.

The traditional menus are full of a high amount of protein and carbs. And protein is increasing the body temperatures of human beings. This is why Dr. thinks the protein and the carbs are responsible for masturbation.

We do not know exactly how effectively corn flex can control the rate of masturbation. But the healthy factors are undeniable. Most often, when people start to take corn flax, their digestive systems improve. And as the cornflakes are increasing in size after absorbing the milk and water. You will begin to feel full after eating the cornflakes on your breakfast menus.

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Wrapping It Up

After inventing the corn flex, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg called it part of American healthy biological living. His target was to keep the American citizens away from meat, potatoes, cakes, and pies, causing many digestive issues. His ideas were pretty simple: take the light breakfast and keep the heavy meals for lunch and dinner. But the history of the corn flex inventions is pretty interesting, isn’t it? Share your opinion in the comment sections.

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