What is Artificial intelligence and Robotics engineering?

Artificial intelligence
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When we hear words like Artificial intelligence and robotics, the first thing that comes to mind is an automated world. However, artificial intelligence and robotics are integral parts of the world before us.

Artificial intelligence, a mechanical way of mimicking human intelligence, offers a massive opportunity for us. But on the other hand, robotics engineering is for automating tasks where you need no further human intervention.

Despite being two genuinely related topics, artificial intelligence and robotics engineering are two completely different fields. The following article will help you understand two of these fields and help you differentiate between them.

This article answers questions like – what robotics is, artificial intelligence is, and more.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology that allows machines, especially computer systems, to mimic human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has several processes like natural language processing, expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision.

Artificial intelligence is already integrated into different parts of the daily work we do. Many apps and technologies already use AI without many of us knowing. Here are some examples –

  • It is used in personalized shopping
  • Fraud prevention, cyber security.
  • AI-powered assistants
  • Voice assistance
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Creating smart content


There is a wide variety of opportunities for professions related to artificial intelligence. Students aspiring to study in this field have jobs in different departments like Data analysis, natural language processing, software engineering, data mining, research science, etc.


What Is Robotics Engineering?

While artificial intelligence only mimics human intelligence, robotics engineering is based on mimicking human auctions. So, first, robotics engineers work to build machines that can mimic human actions. Then, they create applications or autonomous devices that help humans to accomplish difficult work.

Different industries such as mining, automotive, and manufacturing businesses need robots to pull off repetitive tasks. Humans find hazardous and unhealthy jobs hard to accomplish can be accomplished using robots.

Since there is a need, there is also a healthy amount of job opportunities in robotics in the future. If you are aspiring to be a robotics engineer, you will be appointed with different duties such as –

  • I was researching several fields of robotics.
  • You may have to design different prototypes and machines for creating robots.
  • You may have to test different robotic systems.

Comparison Between Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Engineering

Both robotics and artificial intelligence are related to the simulations of human behaviors and actions, but there are slight differences –


  • Artificial intelligence is a mechanical brain built to simulate human intelligence and learn like humans. Robots, on the other hand, are constructed not as bright as AI. They are made to perform physical tasks without any human intervention.
  • Artificial intelligence is wholly independent and can exist without robotics. The same goes with robots; they can also exist without artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence is more self-sufficient compared to robots. They can think and calculate like humans. They can also make decisions based on the data they gather. On the other hand, artificial robots need commands to perform several repetitive tasks.

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Profession In Artificial Intelligence And Robotics

Over the last two decades, AI startup companies have grown 14 times in number. Seventy-seven percent of the devices we use have AI incorporated in them. These instances point to a direction where AI offers many job opportunities.

On the other hand, the need for professionals in the robotics engineering sector is also increasing. Although several statistics imply that robotics will eliminate millions of jobs, millions of jobs will also be created based on robotics. Therefore, pursuing a career in AI and robotics engineering is a good idea in the current scenario.


Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you understand the differences between two of these essential futuristic parts of big data technology. However, here are some frequently asked questions related to the same topic. You can check them out if you are curious.


Is AI Or Robotics Better?

AI is a simulation of human intelligence/ brains made with computer programming and wires. AI is used to automate machines to think and learn like humans. Robotics, on the other hand, focuses on a very similar aspect. However, unlike AI, robots need prior instructions to perform tasks that usually require human labor. Both of these technologies are important, and each has its unique applications.


Is AI Used In Robotics?

Currently, artificial intelligence is an integral part of robotics. It is a common addition in robotics, allowing more advanced robotic solutions. Integrating artificial intelligence into robotics has helped robotics engineering to avoid previous rigid applications and offer flexibility in operation.


Do Robotics Engineers Make AI?

The robotics industry does not always make intelligent robots that are autonomous or semi-autonomous. Building them requires the skills needed to build, design, and program physical robots. Only a fraction of robotics technology involves the help of artificial intelligence.


Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence and robotics engineering offer a bright future in the world of technology. Moreover, pursuing a career in either of these fields can be profitable in the long run. I hope this article helps you with all the necessary information on these topics.

For any further questions, you can comment below.


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