How Much Does it Cost to Store Furniture with a Moving Company?


If you’re reading this article, you’re probably planning a move and require temporary storage for your belongings. For most homeowners, finding affordable temporary storage with their moving company is the ideal solution. For many others, a permanent and reliable storage service proves the best option.

Planning an inter-city or inter-state move is a hectic and agonizingly stressful experience. No matter how excited you are about the possibility of starting afresh, the stress will certainly dull your enthusiasm. However, if you plan things efficiently, you can make the process convenient, affordable, and stress-free.

How do you want to store your furniture and other items? To answer this question, you must look into three aspects: your budget, size, and scale of the move, and convenience. It’s wise to choose a storage solution that aligns with your move-related needs, comfort, and budget requirements.

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Keep reading to explore the costs associated with storing furniture with a moving company.

Costs of Storing Furniture with a Moving Company

All service providers have different rates and charges. Therefore, there’s no specific answer to this question. However, most long-distance moving companies charge a standard rate of 40¢ per cubic foot for their temporary storage solutions. On average, the monthly costs of storing furniture with a moving company ranges to $50 across the United States for a 5×5 feet storage.

The costs also tend to vary in different cities. For instance, the prices of storage units by moving companies based in New York and Manhattan are significantly higher. Comparatively, the prices in Bronx, Upper West Side, and Brooklyn are much lower. If you’re looking for temporary storage Northwood and North Hampshire have plenty of affordable solutions to offer.

Getting Multiple Quotes

It’s hard to estimate the price until you get a moving and storage quote from multiple companies. We advise you to engage several businesses and obtain quotes so you can compare your options. You can also explore online cost estimation tools, but they might mislead by understating or overstating the price.

If you’re seriously looking into storage solutions, getting a quote is your ideal option. You may contact several moving companies and look into their options. The quotes will vary based on the space and duration, and other requirements. Getting a quote will help you create a realistic budget.

Are you saving money?

Homeowners look into temporary storage solutions with moving companies due to several reasons. Essentially, they believe they are saving both money and space. Is that true? Consumerism may lead us to think that storing our belongings saves money by eliminating the need to repurchase later.

But if your storage costs for six months are higher than the cost of new items, are you really saving money? No, you are spending more money to store existing furniture, when you can buy new things for the same amount.

Most homeowners look for storage solutions to house precious items, inherited heirlooms, paintings and belongings with sentimental value. If you cannot part with the items and cannot accommodate them in your new home, storage solutions are ideal. However, the financial burden is an unavoidable strain if you’re looking into a permanent option.

A temporary storage solution with your moving company is a much more cost-effective option.

Factors to Consider

Let’s look at some factors that will come into play while exploring some viable options for your needs. It’s wise to consider these aspects closely to make a well-informed decision.

Storage Duration

How long are you planning to store your furniture with a moving company? Do you need a short fortnight-long storage option, or do you have a more extended, 6-month plan?

The duration of storage time is a crucial factor that will determine the price and affordability. If you’re relocating for less than six months or need time to sort out your living accommodation, this may prove ideal. However, if your plan is longer than six months, consider exploring a permanent storage solution.

Homeowners with indefinite storage durations should look into moving containers and storage units. With a moving container, you can carry and access your belongings with ease and comfort without crowding your new home.

If your storage needs extend six months, your moving company will likely refer you to a permanent storage solution. It’s not common for moving companies to provide extended storage solutions, so be sure to check in advance.

Ease of Accessibility

How often will you need to access your furniture, appliances, and other storage items? Or are you planning to store them temporarily until your job-related relocation is over and you can move back?

The ease of accessibility is a crucial factor to consider. If you want to access your items every now and then, a moving company may not address this need effectively. It’s wise to store items in a storage unit so you can regulate, inspect and access them whenever needed.

Affordability & Convenience

Convenience and affordability are two interlinked factors that complement each other. If you cannot afford the storage costs, things can get alarmingly inconvenient. You may start out comfortably, but if you land in financial trouble or a temporary strain, do you have a backup?

Suppose you can easily manage the storage costs during the first few months, only to struggle afterward. It’s wise to pick a storage solution that minimizes your costs.


Be sure to consider your affordability, convenience, ease of accessibility, and storage duration before exploring options. Getting official quotes from multiple moving providers will help you create a comprehensive budget. If the costs of storage exceed the costs of buying new items, it’s wise to declutter and repurchase in the future.

Hoarding furniture and appliances will clutter your new home but will also take a sizable chunk of your monthly income. Do you see yourself spending around $50-$200 on storage costs every month? It’s essential to examine your affordability before renting a temporary storage unit closely.