Impact of Technology on Local Moving and Storage Companies


Technology is rapidly affecting nearly every industry; storage facilities and moving companies are no exceptions. The rate at which local moving and storage companies are catching up with technological upgrades is phenomenal. After all, technology is making businesses swifter and more effective. Not only are these technological advancements revolutionizing consumer experience but also improving the quality of services.

Below, we have discussed a few points to explain the positive impact of technology on the business processes of moving and storage companies.


1. Online presence

If there is one major technological advancement that has left a tremendous impact on businesses, it is the development of digital marketing. In this digital world, owning an online presence is almost mandatory for businesses to grow. Today, more than 90% of US-owned companies have an online website for customer assistance. Similarly, the availability of websites and social media pages have boosted moving companies and storage businesses’ online traffic. More traffic means a higher chance of driving more customers. Besides, online presence has made communication between clients and companies far more convenient than the traditional method.

2. Online payment options

Before technological innovations, only hand-in-hand cash and cheques were the accepted mode of payment. However, the evolution of several online payment systems has made paying for self storage units relatively simpler. The most significant advantage is that you don’t have to be present physically to make payments. Online banking and mobile apps allow you to pay for the services in the comfort of your home.

Google pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon pay are other widely used online payment services. These payment methods are convenient, hassle-free, and reliable at the same time. Undoubtedly, online payment is a secure way of making transactions with a considerably low risk of theft. Besides, operating a 24/7 payment window allows out-station or customers with varying schedules to make payments at their ease.

3. Self-driven trucks

Given the benefits that self-driving trucks provide, one may expect that they will reshape the future. Companies like Tesla are continuously investing in their autopilot, semi-autonomous system, which enables a computer to take control of your vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and steering. On the other hand, Embark (an automotive company) is concentrating more on the on-highway automating process.

Self-driven vehicles are beyond revolutionary. What we once saw in futuristic movies is coming to reality. The self-driving truck will improve the quality of moving companies’ services and speed. It will also abundantly lower their costs and increase their sales. Autonomous trucks also cause fewer accidents and reduce traffic congestion. All of these benefits make moving companies using these self-driven trucks a lot more efficient and productive.

4. Portable containers

The idea of a portable moving container is quite impressive. Movers leave a container at your doorstep. Once you are done loading all the boxes, they come to pick them up and deliver all your belongings to the desired destination. One of the significant advantages of a portable container is that it is cost-effective and allows you to assemble your boxes in your preferred order.

Since trust issues between moving companies and customers are always there, packing and loading their valuables by themselves provide customers with some peace of mind.

5. Delivery item tracking

Users can now track their items once they place an online order. The feature of automatic tracking establishes a sense of reassurance and trust amongst clients since they can view the status of their order from start to finish. Live shipment tracking is also beneficial for moving companies, as it lowers the costs of delays and improves their efficiency, productivity, and customer experience. Package tracking significantly increases customer retention, communication and builds customer loyalty.

6. The role of Artificial intelligence

Adding AI here might sound strange, but the benefits moving and storage companies yield from AI will surprise you. Traditionally, a sales representative from a moving company would visit your house to give you an estimate about the total cost and weightage. That, too, did not have a very high probability of being accurate. However, now several companies like Yembo, with the help of AI-created mobile applications, can assist you in measuring the size of your place through your smartphone camera.

Such inventions are cost-effective and efficacious. Besides, using AI for automation also saves time and helps avoid mistakes. It also maximizes sales opportunities, increases revenue, and leads to a better customer experience.

7. Software management

Most storage companies have more than one storage facility, and hence managing all of them can be quite a task. However, the invention of multiple management software is making the job much easier. These mobile phone apps allow managers and owners of storage facilities to manage all their storage units at once. They allow tracking online payments, reservations and ensure timely backup of data. Managers can analyze the impact of marketing campaigns, report facility performance, and provide reports on the growth of the business.

8. Impact on staff

While it might be reasonable to think that so much automation is likely to leave several employees unemployed, it is not the case. The intention behind the invention of automation in industries was not to make workers redundant but to enhance their productivity. Employees play an essential role in running storage and moving businesses without any hassle.

Most storage companies adopt technological advancements so that their employees can concentrate more on sales and the increment of the customer base. Automation also helps cover up repetitive tasks which employees may find too tedious. It makes them feel more valued, hence increasing employee retention and a positive work environment.

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Technology is growing at a rapid speed. One can only predict more and better advancements in the future. The technological improvements and innovations in the moving and storage sector are massive. It provides users the flexibility to know more about companies and their offered services through online platforms. It further eases the communication between clients and storage companies, and helps customers make payments from the comfort of their home. It is worth mentioning that both moving and storage businesses are crucial industries and make significant contributions to any country’s economy. Hence, adapting to technological improvements is critical for their success.