7 Ways to Improve Your Gaming Experience on Mac

gaming experience on mac

When it comes to gaming, many of us prefer a Windows PC as we believe that it offers more compatible options and better hardware equipment and that at a lower price. Well, that’s true, but advanced Macs are meant to give their users an optimal gaming experience. 

Having a MacBook computer doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy gaming, or you have to replace it with a Windows system. You can spend some time optimizing your system to enhance your gaming experience without switching platforms.

1. Check Mac’s Current Settings

Before installing a new game on your Mac, make sure that you are well familiar with its specific requirements such as the operating system, memory, processor, graphic card, hard drive, etc. This is important as every game comes with its minimum system requirements that your computer must fulfill. 

Ensure that the game is compatible to run on your computer and your system offers enough resources for smooth gaming. You must check the System Requirements column given in the lower section of the web page, from where you are buying the game. If you are purchasing the game from a physical store, this information will be available in the box or the user manual.

Sometimes, you may need to update your existing macOS to the latest version. Deleting some of the applications or files can be another thing that you might need to do to be able to install the game. Several high-end games require more space on the hard drive, so you need to clear up the space on it. 

2. Create Enough Free Space on Storage Disk

Your computer’s drive should not drop below 15% of the overall storage space. A MacBook becomes sluggish once it reaches below that threshold. The apps and background processes do not gain access to the resources they need to run smoothly. 

In that case, deleting applications and programs that you do not use regularly can help clean the hard drive. Moreover, a lot of junk, cache, duplicate files, and temporary files get stored on the hard drive over time. Remove all these files from the disk to free up space. 

You can even store data to iCloud or move data to an external drive. Also, reduce all the clutter as it will make your computer run faster. The data you delete from your computer gets stored in the Trash folder, which will not optimize storage, so make sure to empty the Trash to clean storage. 

3. Stop Backend Programs & Open Apps

Resource-heavy applications such as Photoshop, image editors, web browsers, etc., consume a lot of system resources. A very few resources and storage are left for other programs, making it difficult to install useful applications. 

These applications keep running in the backend without your knowledge and affect your system performance, making it sluggish. Before you download a game on your computer, ensure to quit resource consuming-applications in the Dock. 

Navigate to the Activity Monitor and identify the processes that you want to quit under the process list. Click on the X (Stop button) available in the upper-left section of the Activity Monitor. 

4. Optimize Power for Gaming

The applications running on your computer consume their share of energy which brings down the battery power. The more applications running simultaneously, the more will be the battery consumption.

You can use Energy Saver System Preferences on your Mac to tweak settings that control your computer’s energy usage. If you feel that the applications are consuming more power than normal, you need to check the power settings. 

Alternatively, if you notice that your MacBook battery is not charging properly, check if the charger and the wall outlet are working appropriately. If not, you may check for a possible solution before replacing the battery. 

5. Update Operating System & Apps

Updates that you receive periodically include bug fixes and security patches that improve the way your computer runs. You must install all the operating system and application upgrades on receiving notifications. 

Even if you stopped or paused the notifications, you can regularly visit the Software Update section to check if any updates and upgrades are available. It will improve your system performance and allow you to play games smoothly on Mac.

Click on the Apple menu in the menu bar, click About This Mac, and click on Software Update. Once the Mac App Store opens up, you may install the updates to accelerate your computer performance and productivity. 

6. Buy Accessories for Excellent Experience

When you are playing your favorite game online, don’t let those tangled cables interrupt your fun. Buying wireless accessories and peripherals can keep your desk organized and neat without having to worry about untangling the cables every second day.

A lightweight mouse can be the best pick as it will consume less power and doesn’t put any pressure on the wrist. Similarly, a gaming keyboard can help you win or lose the car race while you are playing an online game.

While buying a keyboard or a mouse, and other gaming accessories, make sure to get a wireless one for spicing up your gaming. You can also buy a BlueTooth speaker and a microphone, but don’t forget to check the customer reviews and product ratings before buying one for you. 

7. Adjust Graphics Performance on MacBook

On your MacBook, the automatic graphics switching allows you to auto-switch to the best graphics settings. Optimal graphics settings are vital to get an optimized gaming experience, as they will give you a perfect balance of light, hue, contrast, and other elements while playing.

Automatic Graphics Switching also improves your laptop’s battery life. So if you feel that your battery is draining quickly, check for these settings and see if the problem resolves. The option is turned on by default; however, you can toggle it on or off manually as well. 

To use a high-performance discrete graphics processor every time on your MacBook, click on the Apple menu, select System preferences, go to Battery and click the Battery tab. Next, deselect the checkbox associated with Automatic Graphics Switching.