Advanced SEO Services in New Delhi for Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites

Maintaining a rank on Google SERP is a constant struggle for business owners who wish to have a solid online presence. This is especially challenging when the targeted area is a business hub like Delhi. Hence, to stand out in the competitive online market, one needs to do something more than the basics of search engine optimization. A great way to curb this issue would be availing of advanced SEO services in New Delhi from a reliable company.


Top 3 Advanced SEO Services Ecommerce Sites Use

As per a report from Redseer, the sale growth of e-commerce sites spurred to $4.1 billion in 2020. Taking inspiration from the success last year, owners of E-commerce sites in Delhi opt for these three advanced SEO services for digital marketing.

Regular Content Auditing

Each content has a shelf life of its own. Over time one should update or remove posts from the website if they are underperforming. Through periodic auditing of the website contents, website owners can identify which posts are performing poorly and take action accordingly.

SEO services provider in Delhi offers streamlined auditing assistance by:

  • Understanding the client’s goal
  • Determining the target audience
  • Categorizingeach content
  • Analyzing the data

Fixing Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is nothing but using identical or similar keywords in various contents of the same website. The problem is that Google can’t determine which content to rank higher for competing for similar keywords.

An SEO service provider in Delhi will keep a vigilant eye for keyword cannibalization on its client’s website. Further, it will fix the issue using the following methods:

  • Remove or Delete Keywords

SEO experts will remove the unnecessary keywords which are not crucial for specific content. Thus, website owners can help Google decide which content to rank top over the others by doing it.

  • Change Backlink Request

Often less important content rank higher than the newer and fresher ones because of the backlinks they get. Hence, professionals would change the inbound requests, especially for less important content. They will also check the backlinks using backlink tracking software. Moreover, experts providing SEO services in New Delhi can request the web admin to change or delete irrelevant links.

Optimization for Featured Snippets

Since it is an additional feature on the search results page, one needs to optimize content separately for a featured snippet.

As of 2021, about 19% of Google’s SERP showcase featured snippets, and a business owner can quickly become a part of it using Delhi SEO services. These can be of various types: text or paragraph snippets, list snippets (numbered and bullet), table snippets, and video snippets.

Optimizing a featured snippet does not have a set of stringent rules. However, professionals use these methods to increase the chances of content getting featured in it:

  • Proper sub-headings formation
  • Incorporation of relevant keywords
  • Creating short meaningful paragraphs
  • Use of attention-worthy images
  • Organize questions that provide a direct answer
  • Deliver content that aligns with search intent

Using these services regularly can improve a website’s performance and increase its DA. Try Internet Marketing Geeks SEO services to ensure your website ranks on the first page of Google! So, website owners who wish to grow further should opt for advanced SEO services in New Delhi and conveniently hold their position on Google SERP.