What Is Existential Intelligence And Why It’s Vital For Business Success

existential intelligence

You can perceive intelligence in different ways. It is commonly known as self-awareness, emotional knowledge, critical thinking, learning, and problem-solving. When it comes to existential intelligence, it is the ability to use your thought process to answer the questions about human beings’ existence. The questions like what is the purpose of our life? Why are we in this universe? What is the meaning of life? It requires an extraordinary intellectual level to answer these complex questions and to uncover human mysteries.

The questions related to existential intelligence create concerns and make us curious to find out the hidden truth related to humans. Socrate is the perfect example of displaying existential intelligence exceptionally. One of the critical factors of existential intelligence is understanding the connection between the universe and the world around us. It is about perceiving the bigger picture of our lives and actions. This post will explore different types of human intelligence, how existential intelligence contributes to business success, and more about it.

Importance of Existential Intelligence

The development of existential intelligence is crucial for future generations. Whether they want to serve in the healthcare sector or establish their own business, developing existential intelligence is critical to becoming aware of true human potential. It helps to think about things from different perspectives.

Youngsters have a great potential to develop and enhance their intellectual level. They are capable of thinking deeply about human nature and their self-identity that leads to self-transformation. It helps you handle situations in every walk of life and sets you apart from others.

The technological developments in the recent past years are another proof of existential intelligence. In this digital era, we have seen how the toughest tasks have become easy due to automation. The people behind the inventions of such tools and technology have an above-average level of existential intelligence. They possess high-order thinking that enables them to think out of the box and come up with the best solutions for the problems of humankind.

Role of Existential Intelligence In Business Success

We live in an era where existential intelligence has played a vital role in forming modern companies. The companies like Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb are the most prominent examples of it. They have surpassed the companies with traditional work methods. Again, existential intelligence redefined the industry trends and the formula of corporate success. It has impacted the companies policies and strategies to keep up with the latest trends. The companies failing to cope up with these changes are finding themselves at the bottom of the marketplace.

Innovative and information-enabled companies are winning the business battle. It has become possible due to the existential intelligence of the individuals who positively contribute to the success of companies. To become a successful business owner in the current era, you need to develop the traits of existential intelligence. One of them is an exponential mindset which means leveraging the exponential technologies that include AI, data science, automation and robotics, digital biology, and many more. Coming up with innovative technologies is the best way to address the problems of modern-day customers. It enables businesses to increase their customer base and growth. Exponential technologies hold the solution to the world’s toughest challenges. It allows you to achieve the maximum with minimum effort, but innovation is not an overnight process. It takes time to develop a long-lasting and sustainable solution that can serve humankind for an extended period.

The Impact

If you take an example of the healthcare industry, you will see how machine learning is used for diagnosis and robotic surgeries, exponential technology. Similar kinds of technologies are helping to manage health records and prevent different diseases that show the significance of existential intelligence and how it is serving us currently. Risk-taking is another trait of existential individuals. It allows you to analyze decisions and situations from the perspective of a bigger picture. Also, you can make future predictions with it and take steps accordingly to bring more convenience to your customers’ lives. Thus, business success heavily depends on how organizations leverage and develop existential intelligence.

How To Achieve Existential Intelligence

It is not necessary that only philosophers can possess existential intelligence. Anybody with philosophical thinking can have existential intelligence. It is about pondering the questions constantly in life and being able to find their answers. It is the rarest of all forms of intelligence, but you can still develop and achieve it. To build existential intelligence, you need to work on your existential strength, which is often known as the old soul. An individual who is an old soul is more mature than people around him and is not interested in dealing with the superficialities of mainstream society. Having such a mindset helps you to become a philosophical thinker and achieve existential intelligence.

Every individual possesses different forms of intelligence but having an existential thought process is not about mental intelligence. It is more about mental fitness and the capability to push yourself to think beyond limits and come out of your comfort zone. To develop existential intelligence, you should:

  • Do daydreaming.
  • Attend brainstorming sessions on relevant online platforms.
  • Build critical thinking skills.
  • Openly discuss the ideas of having a broad spectrum with your peers and family members.
  • Make your goals journal.
  • Do meditation regularly.
  • Study modern and ancient philosophers to strengthen your thought process.

Every individual analyzes and implements ideas differently. So, to achieve existential intelligence, you may have to work harder than others as per your capabilities.

Types of human intelligence and their importance

Like existential intelligence, there are other forms of human intelligence, and each one has its significance. Having any intelligence gives you an edge over others. It empowers you to make the right decisions, so you can differentiate between right and wrong and act accordingly in any walk of life. Here are some types of human intelligence that will help you understand their importance and how they add value to our lives.

  • Linguistic intelligence

Having linguistic intelligence means you can showcase smart usage of language and words. People with this type of intelligence are good at telling stories and expressing their ideas. Therefore, linguistic intelligence plays a vital role in the growth of people belonging to any field or profession. It helps you to share your concerns effectively. Especially if you want to become an entrepreneur, you should develop this intelligence to pitch customers and convey your ideas to them.

  • Intra-personal intelligence

If you can understand your weaknesses and strengths, then it means you possess intra-personal intelligence. It enables you to strategize to resolve the issue by knowing your limited capacity. Having this type of intelligence is vital because it helps you be truthful to yourself and make the right decisions.

  • Logical-reasoning intelligence

Logical-reasoning intelligence makes you able to measure, quantify, think, and act logically. You can use this intelligence to accomplish a particular goal or to find a solution for a specific issue. It helps you assess the ground realities critically and make the decisions accordingly.

  • Spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence allows you to think in three different dimensions. It lets you think from the eyes of your mind. Its primary capacities include mental imagery, active imagination, and spatial reasoning. It makes your mind generate visual images that can make you feel successful. When this starts to happen, success seems only a few steps away from you.

  • Kinesthetic intelligence

Kinesthetic intelligence is found among those who are good at inventing new products. This type of intelligence involves making your skills perfect by the coordination of mind and body. It drives you towards innovation and makes you able to think about creative ideas. It also helps you to lead from the front and to set great examples in any field.


Existential intelligence is one of the unique traits that you can not find in everyone. It takes years to practice this unique form of intelligence and make it a valuable weapon to achieve your personal and professional goals. Every type of human intelligence has its significance, and it can bring great results for the entire humanity. However, it is essential to develop and use it properly by training your mind and body to sense the bigger picture. It will help you to serve humanity and also fulfill your dreams.