The 7 Best 3d Printing Stocks You Should Invest in 2021

3d printing stocks

As 2021’s second half unfolds, 3D printing stocks continue to remain on top with an enormous comeback. Unlike the 2000s, 3D printing is no longer the industry that did not grab the attention of the investor groups. Back then, the 3D printing industry was hardly mainstream, and there were not even stocks for investment. Meanwhile, today the 3D printing stocks ETF has risen to 111% in the early days of 2021. These statistics are adding the massive potential for the investors that seeks growth. Another surprising thing is that 3D printing is still a revolutionary subject in the modern world. This means that it is here to stay and will be growing further in the future.

Another prominent research from Statistica shows that the global market for the 3D printing industry will reach $41 billion in 2024. This shows the growth rate for the industry at 26%. The market is sending a loud message to the investors for 3D printing stocks investment. However, investors also ponder on what stocks exactly they should invest in. Given there are numerous 3D printing businesses that are now advancing faster, thanks to the technology. In this 3D printing revolution, it is important to research the best 3D printing stocks before investment. With that said, let’s discuss.

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 7 best 3D printing stocks you should consider investing in 2021

1. 3d Systems

When discussing the top 3D printing stocks, 3D Systems ranks first on the list. The company is owned by Jeffrey Graves and follows the ambition for growth in the 3D printing industry. The company offers a lineup of 3D polymers and metals that are used for 3D printing equipment. Moreover, 3D Systems also offer softwares and materials to choose from for 3D printing users.

Despite the pandemic crisis with financial projections coming to a halt, the company is achieving quality sales in 2021. Recently they announced that they would be starting an on-demand manufacturing business. The new deal is setting the course of the business towards growth. It’s expected the sales would go up to $82 million in the future. With this deal, the stock rate of 3D Systems also rose to 35% on May 11. These insights were reported on the earning report of the first quarter.

2. PyroGenesis Canada

PyroGenesis is a Canada and 3D printing company going above and beyond in the stock market. The company was established in 1991 with designs and manufacturing of 3D printers. Moreover, the company also offered engineering and manufacturing of metallurgical and mining equipment. With the main focus on 3D printing, the company utilizes advanced plasma processes. There is an important reason behind the usage of the plasma processes. According to PyroGenesis, the plasma automatization processes are used to dispose of industrial waste and manufacture the metal powder. This metal powder is used for 3D printing.

This year, the company began the Next-gen plasma automation line with a focus on commercial production. This new lineup is grabbing a lot of attention from the 3D printing investors. The resources also state that the investment in the company can benefit the investors with earning potential of 81.48% yearly.

3. Stratasys

Stratasys is an American-Israeli 3D printing company that deals with manufacturing and prototyping different equipment types. On the other side, it covers the aerospace, automotive, education, and healthcare sectors for 3D printing. The vast network of 3D printing from Stratasys attracts a lot of investor groups around the globe. The company precedes in 3D printing and advanced 3D printing.

Moreover, Stratasys also covers other aspects of 3D printing that involve molding and crafting. You will be surprised to know that commercial airplanes pieces that you could have flown on are also being manufactured at Stratasys. The machinery production is significantly cutting down the risk for accidents and improving productivity. Earlier this year, the 3D printing stocks for Stratasys dropped to 5.2%. The main reason behind it was the underwriters who bought off the stocks worth $30 million shares. Meanwhile, now with the profit adjustment, there is a prominent growth outlook for Stratasys in 2021.

4. Proto Labs

Proto Labs are not an exception when it comes to the top growing and best 3D printing stocks. Always found around the 3D printing stocks investors because of a wide array of products. Protolab was established in Minnesota and is developing both plastic and metal prototypes. What is even good is that the company has been offering 3D printing manufacturing services to the USA, Japan, and Europe. Proto Labs is the only company that competes directly with 3D Systems and Stratasys. It is no wonder why investors are highly attracted to these companies.

Last year, after the release of the third quarter reports of 2020, Proto Labs 3D printing revenue hit the 15.1% mark for the total revenue increase. Considering the traditional 3D printing services, it is still a significant figure for a company that offers internationally. On the other side, the business is also set on the course of growth in the future.

5. Materialise

Materialise is another 3D printing company with the investor’s interests. The company is established in Belgium with services for 3D printing for the industry and medical sector. Although the company does not directly manufacture 3D printers, it is still under the radar for investors. The innovative technology of Materialise sets them apart from the competitors because of the more efficient 3D printing services.

If you are considering investing in 3D printing stocks, then Materialise is also the top option available. The owner of the company Wilfried Vancraen has strived for positive growth with higher investors relationships in the past. Despite the current outlook, the company performed with 196% stock growth last year. Investors seeking mid or long-term growth consider Materialise for the investment in the 3D printing sector. According to Wall Street, the Materialise profitability rate is expected to rise in 2022.

6. Faro Technologies

Faro Technologies is another 3D printing company that is hot for investment in 2021. The company focuses on engineering, architecture, and construction equipment. This is the only company that began the venture for 3D printing and revolutionized the whole world. The latest net income results show $79.7 million with revenue of around $334.7 million.

Some of the top 3D printing products from the Faro Technologies include lasters trackers, projectors, mappers, scanners, coordinate measuring machines, and digital software. Apart from that, the company also serves the aerospace, healthcare, and engineering sectors to develop complex equipment and tools.

7. Robo 3d

Apart from traditional 3D printing, Robo 3D sets itself apart from expensive printing services. They focus on bringing 3D printing to the mainstream by offering an affordable printing range, including C2, R2, and E3 printing. Low-cost printing boosts the reach of services with better engagement to smaller businesses. On the other side, Robo 3D also announced expanding the focus towards the educational sector. Especially the Robo E3 and MSK solution prioritizes the focus for education.

For that instance, they acquired MyStemKits to empower the student’s education with better 3D models. The whole concept of affordable 3D printers makes its way to the mainstream to offer better 3D printing solutions to people.

Final Words

Investing in stocks is a huge undertaking that requires special considerations to make the right decision. Be it the fast-evolving VR stocks or 3D printing stocks. The new 3D printing businesses also have the potential to grow and bring 3D printing to the mainstream. Investing in any of the stocks will be consistently profitable. All you need to do is find the right niche for 3D printing and support to unlock the higher profit potential.