Nine Highly-Paid Cyber Security Jobs You Can Get In Today’s World

Cyber Security Jobs

Technology has become a crucial part of our daily lives, and as a result, our online activities have also increased. As a result of digital evolution, our precious data on different online platforms increases the worth of Cyber security jobs to protect it. Users should also educate themselves to take the right safety steps to secure their data and digital assets. From data to the network, applications to devices, everything records our data. It is hard to negate technology usage in this era but protecting your assets like websites, accounts, and profiles is also important.

Cyber security is known to protect servers, electronic systems, computers, devices, and networks from malicious attacks. The term has a broader context as it is divided into different categories. Application security, operational security, information security, and network security fall under cybersecurity.

The current threats to online users create a great opportunity for individuals who want to build a career in cybersecurity. It allows you to serve private and public organizations to protect their systems and networks from various cyber-attacks. There are different types of attacks that can harm your computer or network. A malware attack involves the installation of malicious software like worms or viruses on the victim’s computer. Another cyber-attack is ransomware, in which the victim’s important files get stolen from an insecure device or network. Then, cyber thieves demand a ransom payment to give files back. To deal with such cyber attacks, every organization needs a highly qualified cyber security team. This post will make you understand the importance of cybersecurity in today’s world. It will also let you know skills you need to learn to enter the cybersecurity industry and the highly paid cyber security jobs.

Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks threaten users’ personal information or assets, but it disrupts the entire organization system. It makes companies lose credibility and customers. Employees lose their jobs that eventually creates a negative public perception. If organizations have sound cyber security strategies in place, it becomes easy to avoid the headaches of cyber-attacks. It not only ensures your cyber security but also helps you maintain your company’s image by successfully keeping your customer’s assets safe.

Organizations not only face threats from external hackers, but internal risks also create worries for them. Employee sabotage or data leaks imposes a significant risk for the safety of your company’s digital assets. Giving cyber security jobs to a reliable team is a blessing that can secure your valuable business information such as customer’s names, addresses, and bank account details. It plays a vital role in strengthening your brand reputation by protecting it from data breaches.

Skills Required for Cyber Security Jobs

Cybersecurity jobs come with a huge responsibility because you become liable to secure the organization’s valuable assets and systems. Individuals who want to build their career in cyber security have to develop the basics of IT and security. They have to familiarize themselves with IT-related systems and networks. Having any experience in data analysis and engineering gives you an edge over other candidates.

Some cyber security skills include programming and coding, data management, security information, security incident management, and application and mobile device security. Cybersecurity professionals have to stay updated about the latest trends and practices. Most cyber security jobs need at least a bachelor’s degree. If you want to establish a cyber security career, you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. Once you are done with your bachelor’s degree, you can opt for a master of science in cyber security to earn a specialized education in the field. You can also go for the cyber security certificate programs to strengthen your academic profile. When you have the required degree and skillset, you can start a career in cyber security and accomplish your goals.

Let’s find out the 9 top paying cyber security jobs:

  1. Security architect

This job makes you liable to maintain and build the security infrastructure of the organization. It requires in-depth knowledge of the security systems that you can attain through certificate programs. The average salary of a security architect is around $122,676. Although, it is not the fixed salary and it can be more than the mentioned figure according to your skills and experience.

  1. Chief information security officer

The chief information security officer (CISO) has to look after the IT security department. This position requires a solid IT background to create strategies for security architecture, management, and communication. The average salary for this job is $165,985. CISOs can make more money than this figure, but it depends on different factors such as organizational size and profit-sharing structures.

  1. Information systems security engineer

Information systems security engineer’s average salary is $100,936. The individuals having this position are supposed to keep networks free from malware and viruses. They have to perform security tests to ensure that systems are running smoothly without any threat.

  1. Information systems security manager

Individuals having this position enjoys the perks of a good salary because they are responsible for managing the entire system that contains the organization’s valuable information, which has the biggest threat from hackers. The average salary of the information systems security manager is $116,978. Having good experience allows you to earn up to $152,000.

  1. Application security engineer

This cybersecurity job puts a huge responsibility on your shoulders to keep track of all software applications. You have to ensure that compliance and privacy policies are updated because organizations use this automated software to manage operations. Also, the organizations that use cloud-based software look for experienced and competent engineers. The average salary for an application security engineer is $97,684. With good experience, you can earn around $150,000.

  1. Malware analyst

The malware analysts help companies to identify any malicious software in the system. They are responsible for detecting possible threats to prevent any loss of precious data. They are supposed to take measures to mitigate the risk of viruses entering the system or network. The average salary of a malware analyst is around $92,000.

  1. Penetration tester

These cyber security professionals have to conduct tests to trace any security vulnerability and assess the effectiveness of the overall cyber security system. The role of penetration testers is in huge demand currently, and their salary has also increased in the past few years. The average salary of a penetration tester is around $85,000, but with advanced skills and better experience, you can earn around $139,000.

  1. Forensic engineer

The individuals having this job are responsible for examining the information taken from networks and devices to trace intrusions. Professionals having this role also collaborate with law enforcement agencies for investigations. The forensic engineer can earn an average salary of $85,500.

  1. Cyber Security consultant

Cyber security consultants create security strategies and products to make the security systems stronger and more efficient. The average pay scale of cyber security consultants lies between $60,000 to $140,000. These professionals are supposed to modify and improve the security system to make it hacking-proof.

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In the current digital world, the safety of our confidential information is at a huge risk. It is more important, especially for businesses, to implement sound cyber security practices by hiring the right individuals. If you want to establish a professional career in cyber security, this era is a golden opportunity. You need to analyze your capabilities and decide what cyber security job suits you best. Once you know this, it will become easier for you to choose which educational path you have to take. The cyber security jobs mentioned above will help you make the right decision according to your skills and qualification.