5 Ways You Can Earn Big With “Decent” Free Writing Skills In 2021

freelance writing

Writing is truly an art that allows you to transfer your thoughts and ideas into attractive words, meaningful lines, and touching content. It is also a form of therapy for troubled souls and helps them overcome their emotional turmoil. You can utilize your creative and artistic abilities to their ultimate limit while writing – honing your free writing skills and boosting your knowledge along the way. It can also be a very rewarding hobby as it is a rising trend of earning money.

Freelance writing is flexible, pays handsomely, and is very versatile. It is not an uphill task to be categorized as a ‘freelance writer’. What this field requires is something you probably already have. You do not have to be an expert in the English language to earn from writing. Having decent-enough writing skills will do the job for you. However, the quality of content is the key so, do your research well! The opportunities in this field are getting bigger and better, making it a fantastic side hustle. This occupation is a prime ticket for anyone who enjoys writing for a lucrative side job alongside studies. You can easily find time for writing in your college schedule to have some well-earned cash for your innate skill.

So, to help you make good money using your unique writing style, we have compiled a list of five top ways of earning big with writing:

  1. Write Blog Posts

The easiest way to earn a living through writing is to start your blog. If you don’t know much about blogs- a blog is a way of expressing your thoughts and sharing informative content online. You can have your blog on platforms like WordPress.org. Self-hosted blogs are the “it” trend with the people, attracting online visitors and making generous money. The crucial thing is to have an exciting blog niche, one that intrigues people. It must appeal to a large audience and keeps them on their toes, waiting for more posts. This is a trial and error process that might take some time. But once you get to know what people like, stick to it and keep your writing original. You can also write blog posts about the services you give. For example, Neil Patel is a digital marketing expert and the best in his field, working for companies like Amazon and Viacom. His blogs focus on everything you need to know about digital marketing.

Moreover, your blog niche ultimately pays you as a freelancer, so it must also be a profitable niche. For that, search on social media platforms, go to Facebook and find out people’s struggles, what they want to learn about nowadays. Be active on Twitter and Instagram to see what people are posting and sharing. This will work as background research and help you grow your brand and name.

  1. Look for writing jobs on job boards – free writing

One of the first places where you can find writing gigs are the job boards. They are online platforms for companies and content marketers to post for writing work. It is quite easy to make good money off these writing jobs as most offers start with $40 to $50. And once you produce high-quality work and deliver it within the allotted time, clients will be willing to pay you even more than that. All sorts of jobs are available on these boards, from blog posts to resume, social media posts, and articles.

The best job boards are the ones that post new jobs daily because it gives plenty chances of scoring good writing gigs. However, two tips must be kept in mind while getting writing assignments from any job board. Firstly, it is essential to apply and accept writing tasks that you have a deeper understanding of. Job boards have high competition, and you must show that you have expert skills for a job to increase your chances of bagging it. Secondly, when pitching your bid to clients, you can personalize it by searching about the particular business. It will exhibit that you are very dedicated and sincerely want to work for them.

  1. Write articles for websites and magazines

Anyone with talent and a great desire for writing can make an excellent career out of writing articles. It is significant to acknowledge that article writing involves exceptional skills and a wealth of knowledge. This field of writing also has a reputation for giving low wages and unpaid internships to young writers. It will take some time for you to set your foot in this field. Once you have gained experience and have built an impressive portfolio, then you can expect ample income.

Furthermore, freelance writing websites and platforms like Upwork are brimming with article writing jobs for different websites. But you must have the ability to give attention to minute details, engage people with your words and maintain a high quality of content for regular work. On the other hand, it’s a lot harder to get into writing for a magazine. You can start by pitching innovative storylines and unique ideas to commissioning editors. If they like your idea, then they can hire you on a freelance basis. And can even give you the freedom to use your freestyle writing to give the magazine a fresh outlook.

  1. Review movie, novels, and products

Well, what is the first thing you do when you want to watch a movie or read a novel? Yes, you read its review. Reviewing is the super easy manner of earning good money by writing your insightful take on a thing, unlike the perceived concept that it takes years of experience to write a review. It is quite easy because some reward websites pay you to review gadgets, music, novels, movies, and much more.

You can also register on websites that require product tester, or you can become a part of paid survey teams. The bonus point in this area of work is that you can sometimes keep the things you review for free. Apart from that, you can have your very own reviewing website, blog, or use your social media account to do so. Numerous social influencers write tech gadgets, cosmetics, or other reviews on their accounts and are paid well by companies. Paid reviews on Facebook Groups also have become a source of earning.

  1. Earn cash prizes by winning writing competition

The idea of entering writing competitions can be a daunting one. But why not try it because even if you lose, the hard work you put into it will refine your writing skills and make you a better writer. And someone has to win it, so why not you?  It will look great on your resume that you are the winner of a writing competition and show your competency and fluency as a writer.

Besides, the monetary prize can rather significantly add to your student bank account.  Giving it a generous boost as most cash awards are worth hundreds of dollars. So lookout for the upcoming writing competitions and take that as an opportunity to polish your skills and to earn.

Wrap up

Freelance writing is a wonderful career option that lets you earn substantial income on your terms. It is time-consuming but eventually becomes a great way to receive a good amount of doing something you love and enjoy. One of these five ways can surely help you earn big and rapidly by writing and achieving new success heights.