Top 4 Free Online Binary Translators – Explained

Binary Translators

In our daily life computer and other digital devices has a big role. Just like humans these devices also have the language to interpret.

You can’t speak your native language with them. For this purpose, developers have made another specified language for these devices. This language has been used by these devices for many years.

This is called binary language and is written in the form of codes. If you want to know about these codes and their conversion to plain text you can get information from this article.

So let’s have a look at the anatomy of digital languages and their benefits.


What is a binary code?

Binary code is the language of is the form of two numeric values 0 and 1. The computer did not understand our languages such as English.

For understanding and interpretation, binary codes are used. Whenever we type something the processor converts the alphabet into binary codes that are interpreted by the computers and the results are shown on the screen.

For example, if you write the letter A the digital system will convert it into binary code of it. The binary code of the letter A is 01000001. Every letter, numeric value, audio, and video has a characteristic binary code.


Applications of binary codes

In every computerized system, binary codes are used. There are many applications of these codes. Some valuable applications are as follows:

  • For data encryption binary codes are used. This technique is called cryptography. You can provide security to data from a third-parties by this method.
  • Every domain has an IP address. this IP address is made from the binary code. Addressing systems use these codes for servers and network addresses.
  • You can encode audiovisual data by it. For sensitive information, binary codes are used.


What are binary translators?

Binary translators are the tools or software that are used to convert the binary codes into the English language mainly.

The code set can be converted to instructions by these translators. Binary decoders are used by these translators that help to convert the 0s and 1s into human-readable language.

For manual conversion binary tables can be used by it is a very time taken to process and the chances of error are very high.


Binary translating tools

On the internet, many tools can offer you, binary translators. By these, you can convert binary code to language and language to binary code.

A few examples are as follows:



This is a two-way binary translator. You can convert text to binary and binary to text by provides you with two slots. You can choose your preferred option.

It is free to use and convert binary to the ASCII system. ASCII is a traditional system in which specific codes are formed for specific binary codes. It encodes numeric values from 0 to 9 and alphabetically from a to z in 128 integers.

This tool is free to use and you can make unlimited text and binary conversions through it. the results are accurate and fast.



This free tool is used by programmers to convert binary code into text. It is very efficient in its processing and anyone can use it.

For decoding information and making human-readable text programmers use this can also be used for sensitive information. This tool is 100% secure. You can use it on any device.

Due to its friendly interface, it is very easy to use. You just have to copy your binary code in the input box and hit on the convert will generate text from it within seconds.

There is no need ma manual conversion as they require complex math computation.



For converting binary strings to text, this tool can help you a lot. The interface of this tool is very easy to understand.

To use this free tool, you have to copy your binary code. If you have a whole file of binary strings you can also upload it collectively using the file upload option.

Once the binary digits are imported, you can go ahead and click on the translate button to convert them into plain text.

This tool is free to use and it requires no signing up or registration.



This simple tool is another example that just requires your binary code for text formation. Some features of it make it unique. It is a free tool. There is no limit to binary code which means no matter how long your code is.

It will convert it into human-readable is also very responsive. It works equally fast for small and long binary codes.

You can save or copy the text that is generated by also makes use of an ASCII table for better and more efficient conversion.


Benefits of binary translators

  • There are countless binary codes for letters and numeric values. You cannot learn all of them. These translators due to their encoders can convert every type of information to binary and from binary to text.
  • Manual translation can take years. With these translators, you can convert large binary data to text in seconds.
  • These tools are free to use and do not require any installation process. You just need a stable internet connection to use these tools.
  • In manual conversion, the chances of error are very high. These translators eliminate all kinds of human errors and provide you with accurate results.
  • It is equally good visual, audio, and video data.
  • If your text has digits in it and there are decimals in between the digits you don’t have to worry. These translators can read decimals as well.


We are living in a digital world that has its language. This language is in the form of codes that are called binary codes.

To decode this language translators are used that can make plain text from code strings. Above are the examples of these translators that are used by programmers. These are free tools and can be used for data security and transmittance.