Five Challenges Faced By E-Commerce Businesses


After the advent of the internet, whenever a consumer wants to know about something or buy a product, his first go-to is the internet search engine. Due to this, e-commerce experienced a big boom and is growing ever so fast since its birth. On the other hand, this also meant competition for the e-commerce business owners to validate their brand in the increasingly saturated market. Today, one is confronted by a great many challenges to establish his e-commerce company. To better understand the current situation of the e-commerce industry, we must delve into its foundation prospects and delivery management for offices.


According to research by Statista, the same e-commerce business which amounted to $342.9 billion sales in 2015 jumped past $600 by the middle of the current year. Such figures exhibit the potential and worth of e-commerce business that seems to be rocketing in the next few years. Yet, this doesn’t mean every e-commerce business is making a profit consistently. Due to the overcrowding of companies, it has become challenging for business owners to maintain their cash flow in all seasons. To ensure optimum results, there are several aspects to consider, which we have discussed here:


Online Identity Verification

Because of the increasing number of internet scams, customers have now become alert. They are reluctant to purchase anything from a new brand, especially which has no verified e-commerce badge against its name. To account for this concern, it is advised to get your brand registered with identity verification portals such as Google Merchant Identity Verification or Amazon Pay, etc. Although obtaining a merchant ID seems a bit tedious, it does well for your online business. And once you are assigned a merchant ID, it is a lifelong commodity, assuring that your company does not get flagged for any sort of chargebacks. 


Chargebacks are normal for online companies, especially when one is dealing with retail-consumer business. But, a high frequency of chargebacks can not only damage your business reputation but also consumers can abuse their rights to this service. Moreover, your MSP can also freeze your funds and disable you from accepting transactions; and that can be highly damning! Also, it is wise to get your company registered with the relevant department of your government and display their issued ID on your website. 

Omni Channel

Maintaining an Omni-channel Retail Strategy

Today, several touch-points can give your business customer leads. Your audience might get in touch with you through the website, your social media handle, some agent, or live chat on some social media platform. In other words, if you want to make consistent growth in the e-commerce business, then you must have a tech-savvy team that covers every online source of lead generation.


To move in the right direction, you must make sure that your team is equipped with the latest technology and knows about every online platform that has the potential to give you potential customers. Design visually engaging graphics to serve all touch-points of your customers and identify the critical points of your business to capture consumer engagement.

Analyze Copetitor
Analysis of Competitors in E-Commerce

Analyze Competitor 

In a competitive arena, when every other company is offering the same products as you, it is essential to look after your USP and identify an area that sets you apart from others.

To mitigate against a highly competitive environment, you must conduct thorough research into the critical aspects of your competitors and recognize the differentiating features. Hence why a successful entrepreneur is always smart in analyzing the competition beforehand and then acting accordingly. 


However, all this could never be possible until you have put a keen emphasis on creating an effective strategy that can give you a quick breakthrough. Utilize your social presence to its fullest potential and update blogs consistently. But, making good use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also requires relevant knowledge of tools and other technicalities. Therefore, you must have at least surface understanding of the related subjects, so that you could evaluate and analyze your social media report intelligently, without having to rely on others for the simplest of mechanics.  


Furthermore, it is equally important to keep an eye on the current demand and buzz of the market. Once you are aware of the wants of the consumers, it is time to conduct thorough research on the subject and extract the best results.

Customer Loyalty

Maintaining Customer Loyalty

No matter how attractive your website design looks, without the essence of customer trust and loyalty, your business is going nowhere. Just like creating the trust of new customers in the first place is a painstaking challenge, retaining their loyalty takes even more significant efforts. It is the area where most of the e-commerce companies lack due to negligence or tact. Your customer relations team must develop such a bond with the customers that they feel like dealing with some family members of theirs. 


Your customers should never be robbed of their trust in your brand due to mismanagement and delay in response. Otherwise, you are bound to lose a chain of the customer while your market image could have devastating repercussions. So how can premium customer loyalty be harnessed? The remedy to this is a straightforward one. You must take care of the whole process of product delivery with sheer responsibility. From receiving orders online, answering their queries to ensuring safe and satisfying shipping, all should be managed in a thoroughly professional manner without provoking any adverse reaction of the customer.

Act Accordingly

Keep Patience, Act Accordingly

Customer care requires diligence and utter patience, especially when not every other customer is of the same nature. Some might be cooperative, while others could behave notoriously. Yet, your team members must keep their patience and act accordingly. Also, to further increase the trust of your customer in your company, you can choose to display the pictures of your key office-bearers. 



You can also include testimonials of some prominent public figures to ensure the credibility of your company’s profile and win customers’ trust only in their first visit to your website. Another tiny feature that possesses the capability to develop a healthy customer relationship is adding a live chat option on your website. Updating blogs related to market trends and presenting unique facts about your products can also enrich your website and facilitate healthy engagements.


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