Tech 101: How to do Strikethrough in Skype


How to do Strikethrough in Skype:

In today’s tech-driven world, digital applications have made our lives much more accessible. It has bridged communication gaps, allowing people to talk to one another from different corners of the world. Similarly, digitalization has impacted the business sector with apps like Skype. Despite distance, it lets people send texts, voice messages, and video calls. Instead of traveling to attend a conference, managers can connect through Skype.

Besides communication and discussions, you can share stories and celebrate events on Skype. It also has an option for group chat where everyone can talk and share their ideas simultaneously. Simply put, it is one of the best apps to use on mobile phones and laptops.

Further, Skype has incredible commercial use due to its special formatting features. The chat option allows the user to italicize, and strikethrough the message boldly. It fosters creativity and makes the content more engaging. In addition, you can also change fonts and the size of texts to signify a crucial message. If you are new to Skype, let us show you the ropes step by step. Here we have highlighted ways you can make the most of Skype.

1. Strikethrough Text

In group chats, you will often notice striking off the text, primarily tasks they have completed. Believe it or not, this feature looks quite impressive once it’s done, giving it a notebook feel. Now, the question is how to do strikethrough in Skype and where? Unlike Microsoft Word, Skype doesn’t have a strikethrough button; hence, you must follow a few steps. Look below.

  • Add tildes (~) before the text
  • Write the text you want to strikethrough in Skype
  • Add tildes (~) after the text

With these three simple steps, your question about how to do strikethrough in Skype is answered and completed. Even though it is pretty simple, only a few of us know about this straightforward formula. Everyone would have a different reason to use this feature, but it will come in handy during different situations.

2. Bold & Italic Texts

Similar to strikethrough, you have to add an element before your text. Instead of tildes, insert an asterisk (*), which will automatically make the text bold. Let’s say you want to write the meeting is tomorrow, emphasizing tomorrow; that is how the text will look. The conference is tomorrow.

On the contrary, if you want to use italics, use underscore around the text. When you type the meeting is _tomorrow_, your text will look like the meeting is tomorrow. It might seem like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of these tips and tricks. If you have started using Skype recently, ensure you are hands-on with all the tricks.

3. Mute Option

You might sometimes experience a lot of noise from someone’s end during a video call. It leads to a disrupted voice and makes it impossible to listen to the speaker. In such cases, Skype has the option to mute people. You will remain connected with that person visually but won’t hear their voice. If you want to converse, you can speak to them through chat.

To enable this mute option, go to the call section and click on your audio setting. You will come across multiple options, such as a microphone, ringing, and speakers. Go to the speaker’s section and set the volume bar to the lowest. That way, you won’t hear the person talking from another end.


Is text formatting possible through Skype?

Yes, you can format text on Skype by underlining, highlighting, or changing the font to italics or bold. It lets people emphasize their text and make it stand out from other conversational messages.

How do strikethrough text in Skype, and from where?

You only have to add tildes at the start and end of the text that you wish to strikethrough. Once you press enter and send the text, it will automatically have the strikethrough.

How to underline text in Skype?

Select the text and press crtl+U to underline the highlighted text.

How to change the text color on Skype?

For many changes to the font on Skype, you must highlight the typed text and click the font button. After that, click on the IM text area and select your color and size in the font selection window.

Is doing strikethrough in strike professional?

Truthfully, strikethrough has different uses on Skype. While most people use it to reflect sarcasm, some use it to send a message in a professional setting. You could tell team members to write branded instead of branded by striking branded like this.

Final Thoughts

Modern-day applications like Skype have plenty of features available for their users. Therefore, people using this app regularly must take advantage of such tips and tricks. Besides bold and italic, you must learn how to do strikethrough in Skype to make the most of your texts. Similarly, explore features like a mute button and group video conferencing to fulfill your routine needs with this app.