3 Simple Steps to Find an Inverse Function

Inverse Function

Mathematics is no doubt a very tricky subject sometimes because of the complex calculations involved. But to every problem, there exists a solution. Yes, this article below is going to be a read of definite benefit for those students who find difficulty in resolving mathematical problems. Here we are going to discuss the inverse of a specific function. Also, an online inverse calculator by calculator-online.net is a very helpful tool in simplifying inverses immediately. So,  we ask you how does it actually sound to you. Really great? Yes, it definitely is!

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What Is The Inverse of a Function?

An inverse in mathematics is a function that helps to “undo” another part. For example, if f(x) generates y, putting y into the inverse of f yields x. An invertible function f is one that has an inverse, and the inverse is represented by f^-1.

Simple Steps To Find The Inverse of Any Function:

The best way to determine the inverse of a function is using an inverse of a function calculator. But when it comes to manual calculations, it becomes a little bit tricky. But do not worry as we are going to explain it and make it very easy for you. Below are enlisted the three ey ways that you need to cope with in order to resolve inverse problems. 

  • First of all, replace f(x) with y and also, replace all x and with y and all y with the x.
  • After you do that, solve the resulting equation for the variable y. Just be careful as this step is very alarming and may cause mistakes during computations.
  • After you are done with it, just replace the y with f^-1(x). And we are almost done with our calculations.

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You can verify your final results by putting the values that satisfy the following expressions:

(f o f^-1)(x) = x and (f^-1 o f)(x) = x

If your function and its inverse satisfy the above expression, then it gets confirmed that your calculations contain 0% error.

Using Inverse Function Calculator:

Apart from the manual calculations that are time-consuming, calculator-online.net has provided us all with a great solution. This solution is none other but a free online find the inverse of a function calculator. This tool is undoubtedly the best choice for the students to make if they face difficulty finding the inverse of the functions. Want to know how it wors? Let us go! 


  • Just write the function in the designated field and click the calculate button.
  • The free inverse function calculator will swiftly determine the inverse and display all step-by-step calculations involved. 

Let’s Wind Up:

In this guidepost, we have discussed that how you can determine the inverse of a function in just three simple steps. Also, it has also been discussed that how these calculations can be sped up by using a free inverse function calculator. We hope it may help you a lot!