Stephen Hawking Says Trump Could Push the Earth over the Edge


In an Interview with the BBC, the renowned physician expressed his concerns over Trump’s policies on climate change, saying that his negligence can turn Earth into Venus.

In the BBC commentary, Hawking painted a grim scenario of the possible consequences of Trump’s approach towards global warming.

He described a scene where you’d walk out to witness the streets melting, which is baffling because it will be raining. You’ll quickly discover that it isn’t regular rain, it’s the sulfuric acid that is causing your umbrella to melt too. All of this destruction because the leader of the Free World doesn’t understand global warming and the grueling effects of climate change.

Hawking told the BBC that we’re fast approaching the tipping point – the point where global warming cannot be reversed; pushing the Earth into conditions similar to those of Venus. According to Hawking, we can expect unbearable temperatures as high as 250 degrees with sulfuric acid rain.

Hawking focused on Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord and his ridiculous belief that the global warming is something that was created by the Chinese for material gain.

By choosing to ignore climate change despite the hordes of evidence that’s been collected over the last decade and opting out of the Paris Climate accord, Trump is enabling preventable damages to the planet that will endanger the environment for us and our children.

Hawking spoke to the BBC as part of his 75th anniversary but his concern for the planet left with him little to celebrate. Other than the worrying for the planet, he also is apprehensive about aliens hating us. He believes that the way the Earth is deteriorating, humans may have to leave the planet in about a 100 years. He’s always been nervous about Trump being the president and shocked with the success that he’s had in politics.

He painted a bleak picture of what he expects of us in the future, saying “I fear evolution has inbuilt greed and aggression to the human genome,” he said. “There is no sign of conflict lessening, and the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could make that disastrous.”

With the way Trump has behaved on Twitter over the past week, the resolving of conflicts won’t happen anytime soon if not ever. At the moment the President is preoccupied with his feud with the media.