Qatar Gets a 48-hour Extension to Meet Gulf’s Demands


KSA, along with three other Arab nations, have agreed to extend Qatar’s deadlines by another 48hours or to face further sanctions.

The initial deadline that was given by the Arab states listed 13 demands which Qatar has not yet been able to meet. The 13 demands included the shutdown of the region’s leading news network, Al Jazeera.

Qatar continues to deny claims of funding terrorist groups in Syria. It has given a formal response but the details were not disclosed.

In response to the demands of the Arab states, Qatar has called them a violation of international law.

In addition to the shutdown of Al Jazeera network, the Arab states have also demanded that Qatar closes the Turkish military base in the country and curbs ties with Iran.

On Monday, the emir of Qatar traveled to Kuwait (who has been serving as the mediator between the Gulf nations) to submit a formal letter in the form of a response to the Gulf States’ demands. In a brief statement that was released prior to the delivery of the letter, Qatar condemned the demands, calling them a defilement of international law.

Qatar continued to say that the demands appear to be an attempt to bully the country in ways which have led to wars in the past. Qatar also urged to unite against the unfair and unjustified treatment it is having to endure and for the sake of stability and security of the Middle East.

A few weeks back, Saudi Arabia and it’s close allies, the Egypt, Bahrain and UAE placed unprecedented and sanctions on Qatar, claiming that Qatar had been funding extremists groups – including the Muslim Brotherhood. It also provided a public platform for such groups on its government-funded network, Al Jazeera. Qatar has denied all allegations.

Since the restrictions have been placed, Qatar has been pushed into a downward spiral as the nation relies heavily on imports. In the meantime, Turkey and Iran have stepped in to support Qatar by providing foods and other goods to the country.

UAE has stated that in the case that Qatar refuses to meet the demands, the sanctions will remain in place and Qatar will have to deal with being detested by its neighboring countries.