Affordable Travel – The Road Trip


Everything these days is about maximizing. We aim to maximize our time, our worth, our efficiency, and our world experiences. One way to travel more this summer is to do so with an affordable budget. You’ll be able to travel multiple times this summer with a road trip to the places around you, rather than hopping on a plane once to only explore one city.

In order to maximize your budget for this summer’s road trip, be sure to follow our suggestions below.

Plan ahead to not only determine the end destination, but the destinations along the way too. It’s important to allow for a little spontaneity, but it’s not great for the wallet to suddenly find yourself in an ultra touristy town or at a restaurant that would warrant three dollar signs on Yelp. Not only do you want to make sure you are visiting cities that you want to see that are within your budget, you also want to make sure your lodgings in those places are within budget ahead of time too.

Pack snacks and water bottles for the road. While stopping to fill up the gas tank is important, it’s best to not be tempted to purchase gas station snacks with each stop. Unplanned gas station purchases will take away from your budget. You can get healthy, affordable snacks for the road at the grocery store before you leave for your trip.

While it may seem counter-intuitive on your set budget, it’s important to put a little money into your car before you hit the road. Request your mechanic to take a look at your car, the outside and the inside. Your tires might not make the trip, or one of your belts might be dry and near-cracked. The last thing you need is for a belt to snap on the highway, with limited auto shop options around.

This summer, pack up the car with your overnight bag, snacks, tunes, and roll those windows down with the open road ahead.

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Danielle Kosanovich is a contributor for The Web Tribune, a brand manager for a marketing company, as well as the writer and photographer for her own blog. With a focus on lifestyle, travel, food, and overall wellness, she has been writing in some form for over a decade.