The Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward To


Being halfway through the year, it’s time that we assess the fashion trends that 2017 has brought us, and what lies ahead. This summer, you can expect to see trends that nod toward our past, and our future.

Super-bright clothes, a la the 80’s glam scene, are making waves. Don’t be afraid to stand out, the summer trend is not about blending in.


Post-minimalism clothes, think structure, think cut, are turning heads in very subtle ways. With the minimalism trend making its way into our homes, decorating styles, and organization – it was inevitably going to end up in our closets as well.


Athleisure wear and workout clothes have become popular with many luxury athletic brands on the market. It’s increasingly more acceptable to leave the house in leggings and work out gear. Now, it’s time to flaunt your athleisure wear, instead of hiding it.


The classic button-down shirt is getting a face-lift with unique styles abound. Memorable embellishments can range from a different structure, interesting colors, or fun embroideries. Whatever way you wear it, it’s going to make a statement.


Bralettes and tops that show off bralettes are making a statement. They are becoming the focal point of outfits, rather than being the item that gets covered up.

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