The Rise and Fall of Restaurant Trends


People have always gone out to eat. But when did going to restaurants go from spending a nice meal with your family to trying the latest and trendiest places on the map? Over the years, the trends within the restaurant business have fluctuated with the onset of social media and Millennials changing the dining scene.

These days, ambience and décor are just as important as the menu and the quality of the meal. Décor items like the Edison light bulb, Instagram worthy bathrooms, and chairs that might not be comfortable but look oh-so-chic are highly regarded. A restaurant staple that is rarely seen these days is the white tablecloth. It’s a hint that a great restaurant doesn’t necessarily have to look like one.

With hard surfaces come hard-to-hear conversations. Surely, great décor can be inspiring, but restaurants should be sure that their furniture is as comfortable as grandma’s house. On the other side of the spectrum, there are too-comfortable situations with the trend of communal dining tables for patrons. While this works in certain restaurants, not every dining experience should be a free-for-all cafeteria. Restaurants should be using this trend with caution.

In the past, restaurants were expected to have a reservation policy. These days, it’s quite common for the trendiest restaurants to have a no-reservations policy. The waiting in line for a table is an event itself. BBQ joints in Austin, TX are known for their three hour line-up and you can expect to wait two hours for a table at an upscale diner in Chicago, on a Tuesday.

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