Does the Problem of Child Obesity Have Its Roots in the Mother’s Womb?


Obesity has become a pressing health issue for a lot of children from all age groups and parents are trying their best to reduce the health effects of this problem through all sorts of control mechanisms like making the child adopt a better diet and play more physically exerting games. But parents might have to do more than just make the child follow healthy habits as according to a new research; the risk of obesity in children is linked to their mother’s lifestyle, health condition and the diet they have while they still are in their mother’s womb.

The research further establishes this claim by signifying that the mother’s lifestyle and health condition influence the modifications to their DNA of the baby while still in the womb. The research was conducted at the University of Southampton by scientists who examined the tissue of the umbilical cord in which they set out to examine and study epigenetic modifications, who, without affecting the original sequence of the DNA, control and regulate the gene activity.

During the period of development of the embryo in the mother’s womb, DNA methylation, a crucial epigenetic modification sequence is hard at work and the changes that occur at this stage affect the amount of risk of obesity the child will have in his/her later life. These changes are found to have a link with the mother’s lifestyle and health condition at the time of pregnancy which underscores the importance of caring of the baby’s health even before it’s born.

The mother, who is carrying the baby, would need to have a certain nutritional pattern to follow if the baby’s risk of obesity is to be brought down and ensure that the kid stays healthy in its later life. Further introspecting the study, scientists also stand the chance to develop innovative approaches through the evidence unearthed and help treat people with obesity in the older age groups as well.

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful of experiences and as the baby grows and gets nurtured inside her for nearly nine months, the bond between these two sentient beings in immensely strong. This new research, which has discovered a direct link towards the importance of a mother’s role in her child’s health even before its born, will now help mothers understand how deep this relationship really is and how they can help their children grow up to be healthy and strong by being careful with their own bodies before and during the time the pregnancy occurs.

This research has further implications for scientists and researchers to delve deeper and bring in a mechanism to actually predict the extent to which this epigenetic modification could affect the risk of obesity in the womb so that accurate predictions could be made that will serve to be immensely beneficial in controlling later life obesity issues effectively.