Meshing Human Brain with AI: Musk’s Newest Sci-Fiesque Project


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, who is also venturing into boring tunnels under LA and collaborated earlier to create the HyperLoop Train (and then later made it open source for the best implementation to come forward), is now soon to become the CEO of another company. The company is going to be Neuralink and their eventual objective is to combine AI into the human brain through the use of neural implants.

The implants will allow people to conduct uncompressed communication on the contrary to compression method of communication, which is language. This means that through the implants one can directly upload their thoughts into another person’s brain without ever needing to translate them into language. It signifies that our communication speed would increase by leaps and bounds and will take the entire human species on a full throttle progression.

It appears that the creative innovative entrepreneur will achieve this by welding a machine like artificial intelligence in the brain which would enable people to keep up with the fast emerging powerful artificially intelligent machines like robots which will soon be everywhere, including our homes.

The invention, if made possible, would basically change what we do and who we are, because reading someone’s thoughts will turn the entire race into a massive brain shooting up our potential by voluminous levels.

It may sound totally berserk now like a sci-fi movie from the future but to Musk the project actually has a real outcome. WaitButWhy released an in-depth report about the entire venture of Neuralink that has a more than 10,000-word document on the evolution of the brain and about their invention, which will merge it with a computer.

Then the document also talks about the current interfaces for brain-machine integration before moving on to Neuralink where Musk then shares his wisdom along with his team’s.

To take the project forward, the company will start on Musk’s standard principles of operation by initiating a venture precisely as this; fix a long-term objective for the betterment of humanity, obtain the best most talented professionals in the field, make them work first on a sustainable business model that can later fund the original bigger goal.

Musk’s team involves the top scientists and engineers in various interconnected fields from institutions like MIT, IBM, and Berkley, most with either a Ph.D. or an extra degree.

The company’s sustainable business model aims to address the current demands regarding a solution in the market for severe brain injuries like cancers, stroke and congenital, and that solution should be ready in 4 years.

With this short term goal, Neuralink plans to fund its long-term objective meanwhile advancing the technology of their implant until the company waits for the laws to actually allow them to implant something into a healthy human brain.

However, given the concept, the company is already expecting a lot of hurdles and skepticism and CEO Musk does not expect the implant’s first version to be used on a healthy person without any disability any time before a decade from now.

The fact that the SpaceX and Tesla’s CEO and possibly the CEO of a new boring company and co-chair of OpenAI will now head this venture, may not sit well with shareholders and investors at Tesla. In addition to that, there are other technological concerns regarding the actual implantation, installation and connection of the brain with an AI computer, and the bandwidth between the two.

The company Neuralink, unlike Musk’s Tesla, may not have the issues of competing in an industry where there is a major conflict of interest, but it is still expected to face a huge social resistance. How things unfold can only be seen though, and not anticipated, while we all await for more news from the man himself.