Can the Effects of Hot Springs be like Working Out?


Your eyes are not deceiving you. A study published recently by Temperature states that soaking in hot water for one hour has similar benefits to working out for one hour. The benefits include anti-inflammation and blood sugar responses from the body.

Hot springs don’t have to be just for vacation anymore. With this information, it is an easy suggestion to take hot baths at home more often, as well as find time to soak in a hot spring.

This is also useful information for people who aren’t able to exercise. The exposure to hot baths or hot springs can increase their heat shock proteins similarly to the effects of exercising.

Researchers call the effect “passive heating,” implying that both exercising and hot baths increase a body’s temperature. The day after either, the benefits can still be seen with a person’s blood sugar level. This can even assist people with type 2 diabetes, who have lower levels of heat shock proteins. The bodily heating from both hot springs and exercise can raise these levels.

Inflammation is also linked to those with type 2 diabetes. The heat from hot baths or springs can also reduce inflammation. The research is still early, but there are some studies that show there are benefits to lowering blood pressure with hot springs and baths. This could be related to the relaxing nature of a soak in hot water itself, and not necessarily correlated to the heat.

While the hot baths and hot springs are seemingly a great addition to anyone’s routine with these new studies, it does not replace the regular benefits of exercise.