Snapchat debuts its impressive “New World Lenses” AR feature


The New World Lenses Feature by Snapchat- Snapchat/YouTube


Snapchat had what Facebook didn’t and as this simple yet powerful reality made Facebook to try and aggressively incorporate similar technological audience attractions & features into its own platforms, Snapchat has pushed further beyond in the realm of AR or augmented reality.

AR or augmented reality allows people to superimpose virtual objects on a real world scenario, mostly through the use of a camera and Snapchat was one of the first firms to bring AR onto a social media platform successfully and pique user interest on social media. “Lenses” as they were called by Snapchat, were a series of AR led interactive selfie filters that helped in catapulting the popularity of Snap to the next stage. These selfie filters came in a wide variety and were insanely popular ranging from people puking rainbows when they opened their mouth to puppy dog faces that instantaneously appeared on people’s face.

But now, Snap has gone a step ahead and announced its highly impressive “New World Lenses” feature that aims to diversify its original augmented reality feature arsenal and captivate the now 158m strong user base with something new, offbeat and original.

This new feature called “New World Lenses” will allow users to apply the same AR technology to a much wide world scenario and not just be limited to putting interactive filters onto faces. Users will now be able to put incorporate rainbows onto garden picnics while being on a picnic or put in a few beautiful flowers onto simple grass using the rear camera, as shown in the new announcement video by Snapchat.

This new announcement will help Snapchat to manage the stiff competition it has been facing from Facebook and divert some attention away from the controversial comments being attributed to Snap’s Founder, Evan Spiegel leading to highly negative media coverage.

Although there has been no announcement yet about a “Sponsored New World Lenses” option, it can be safely assumed that Snap will definitely look ahead to open this new feature to advertisers just like it has done with its Geofilters and Lenses category.

Here is the Announcement made by Snapchat about the new feature on Tuesday: