The Best Malaysian Beaches for These 5 Type of Travelers


Malaysia is amongst those countries of the world that is known in the tourism industry not only for its culture, architecture and economic progress but also for its god-given beauty. The island country has a lengthy exotic shoreline with white and golden sand beaches that lead to clear blue waters, lined by green jungles and hills.

There is something for everyone in this colorful nation and just like its cultural landscape most of the region’s beaches possess unique qualities that suit the needs of the different types of travelers that swarm around the most fantastic spots. Here is our list of the best beaches for these commonly found types of travelers.

1. The Social Butterflies:


The social butterfly is everywhere, wants to meet everyone and try out everything. They are here to see and be seen! Langkawi Island is the perfect spot for these travelers as it’s a smooth combination of happening and beautiful. Lots of options for nightlife, food, accommodation and fun activities can be found on the white sand beach or throughout the island town.

Singletons, couples, groups and families will all fit right in and find many like-minded people in the fun atmosphere of this place. Hotel’s mini clubs and bars are the top places of socialization for young people and there is also a duty-free liquor and gift shop as well which all tourists equally love. Langkawi also makes a cool tourist spot with its famous sky bridge, cable cars, and cultural infrastructure.

2. The Digital Nomads:


For those who do everything on the go, especially work online remotely, Penang beach can be the ideal place. More local but still happening and buzzing with all sorts of people, Penang city will promise stable internet and provision of all amenities to the Digital Nomad. While Langkawi being more surrounded by nature can also be a good spot for such travelers, it is usually more distracting and the internet may not be as fast and stable as it’s not a proper city like Penang. Additionally, Penang is also famous for its street art, colonial culture and for having the best food in the country, some of the things which the curious entrepreneurial digital nomads always relish.

3. Water sports enthusiasts:


While the touristy beaches like Langkawi host a plethora of water activities like jet ski, parasailing, and speed boating, it’s the more adventurous sports that real enthusiasts need. Malaysian islands are great spots for many water based sports like surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Surfers can enjoy the waves and surf competitions at the Juara Beach, in Tioman Island and also at the Cherating beach in Kuantan. Cherating also has kite surfing for those who want to get more thrills.

Sports lovers who want to explore the underworld can go to Borneo, East Malaysia or the East coast islands of Redang, Perhentian, and Tioman to experience great scuba diving and snorkeling.

4. Nature lovers:


For travelers looking for a way out of the city to recluse far away deep into nature, Tioman Island is perfect. The huge island is home to numerous beach spots all around the land, many waterfalls, and jungles. One can sneak off into the farthest beaches on the island, get a small remote shack and enjoy the greenery around on their hammock with a cold beer, undisturbed for days.

Due to its massive size, it’s easy to find lonely spots and the island also has a lot of wildlife with huge monitor lizards being a common sight. While there are some commercial beaches here like Teket, ABC and Berjaya, the last few spots on the ferry take you into the remote areas of the land namely Salang and Juara amongst others. Local all over the country speak enough English to understand and answer most questions that you may have.

5. Peace Seekers: 


For peace seekers, Malaysia offers some exquisite, quiet and far off islands, both private and public, where one can just go and forget about the world. Smaller and a lot less commercial, the island Kapas, meaning cotton because of its white sands, is one good example to just unwind. Another such island is Rawa Island which is very close to Singapore and it’s a quite a get away from the busy city life. Redang island is also known to be isolated, quiet and extremely beautiful and they are all blessed with crystal clear waters.

Perhentian Island is also a pretty getaway though during the summers it can get very busy and touristy but otherwise it can be a good option to unwind as long as a little commercial activity is bearable. These spots being so remote lack the digital connectivity so there might be Wifi at your hotel but it will probably be slow and unstable.

So no matter what type of a traveler are you, there is definitely a beautiful beach that awaits your arrival in Malaysia. Just choose a spot, pack your bags and get going, for this country will not disappoint you.