Google Play Will Now Play with Your Pets While You Are Away!


Image Courtesy: Google Blog

To all the pet owners out there who just love their felines and canines more than anything else in the world, Google just made a remarkable addition to their repertoire which will leave you amazed, and more importantly. Thankful!

Whether we are leaving for our offices in the morning or packing to go away for a short vacation trip for a couple of days, leaving our pets alone in the house feels an immensely cruel thing to do. It’s leaving someone you love with nothing to do and with no one there to play with while you are gone. This feeling is probably the worst in the world when the innocent face of your pet which is filled with nothing but love sees you going away and you feel horrible. Maybe if there was a way to do something that would redeem our emotions and ensure the happiness of our pets while we are gone?

Google is our quintessential modern-day help for everything and now it’s even extending its assistance in taking care of our pets while we are away. The new Google Play for pets feature allows your favorite animals to enjoy by playing highly interactive games specifically designed by keeping those adorable paws in mind.


Image Courtesy: YouTube

This feature, reserved for just pet cats and dogs on IOS, which can either be accessed using 3D touch on the app icon or by going through the setting and selecting “I am feeling woof” or “I am feeling meow” to convert your device into an all entertainment platform for your pet friend.

The best part about this feature is that once you select the pet-friendly settings, a paw appears on the Google page, which means that you can now hand over your device to your furry little companion sitting right there.


Image Courtesy: YouTube

A simple pup’s paw will open up a whole new world that contains Frisbees, bones and more. No query is far-fetched and this experience has been optimized to suit the limited thinking capabilities of your pet.

Training is easy and you can just teach your pet to play games like you teach it other tricks but with Google at your help this time around.

On Android, the feature transforms and becomes all inclusive towards the animal kingdom. Whether it’s your pet iguana or turtle, Google Play for Pets has something for everyone. It even features multi-player mode so that your friends and colleagues can have their adorable pets compete against yours while there is always those Virtual Reality games that make you feel more engaged with your pet.


Image Courtesy: YouTube

This new feature will take care of your pets while you are gone, so you stop worrying as they enjoy their heart out. Your pet now has a new best friend named Google Play and Its Purr-fect fun and tail-waggingly adorable.