The Affect of Constantly Viewing Screens


These days it is very common for people to go from looking at a computer screen all day to looking at their phone or tablet all night. By the end of each evening, your eyes might be tired or your head might ache. This digital eye strain is becoming more common for people due to the increase in office environments, computer jobs, and mobile usability.

While it’s obvious that screens are the reason for increased eye strain these days, researchers are not convinced that it is the reason for glasses or contacts. There is evidence that prolonged screen usage can lead to drier eyes, due to less blinking during viewing. Researchers have found an increase in nearsightedness, but it has not been linked specifically to increased screen usage.

With all of the concern, it’s recommended that people follow a 20-20-20 regimen. If you typically work with computer screens or with items up close, every twenty minutes take a twenty-second break to look at something twenty feet away. Or, if you can, it’s suggested to leave your desk altogether for your 15-minute break or your lunch break. In schools, children are encouraged to have a recess and play outside. The same movement and break should be encouraged for adults to ensure rest and relaxation for your own eyes.

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