How Can You Optimize Your Brand on Snapchat?


Brands thrive on engagement and social media marketing is the perfect way to get the most number of people to interact with your brand on a more personal level. One of the most recent and incredibly popular social media platforms to allow this to happen in an unprecedented manner is Snapchat. With more daily active users than Twitter and 10 billion videos watched each day, Snapchat is one of the most important avenues for brands to increase visibility and improve outreach.

But Snapchat is so different from other social media platforms that often marketers find it hard to negotiate and build their campaigns on the massively popular app. Videos, called Snaps, no longer than 10 seconds, which disappear after 24 hours and never come back. Funny and creative, but immensely interactive, filters fill up the video content that users produce each day. There is peculiarity and a uniqueness in nearly all of the features and this often makes it a problem for marketers to understand how exactly a brand should be promoted on Snapchat, but it’s not that difficult as it seems.


To optimize your brand on Snapchat, you first would need to learn more about the people who use it. It has over 150 million active daily users and the biggest portion of this set is dominated by millennials, lying in the age bracket between 18-34 years old. Older people are low in numbers when it comes to Snapchat but the fact that people over 25 now comprise nearly half of the users signing up for the app, is an encouraging sign for the future.

If your target market or the demographic avatar features millennials in any way, then you got to have a presence on Snapchat. For products that are targeted towards an older audience, Snapchat might not be such a good promotional tool and even a low-key presence would suffice. But if the younger generation is where your potential customer might lie, then it will definitely be useful for you to know about Snapchat’s latest business features.

The Tools:

Seeing the massive amount of popularity that the app garnered in just four years, Snapchat opened up its platform to businesses with a wide range of exclusive features and tools, which remain just as offbeat as the app itself.

Snap Ads between Stories:

This one is self-explanatory and the ads would appear in between the stories themselves. A user has the power to skip them and they won’t interfere within the stories themselves. The best part about these ads is that they would be a full 10 seconds long and will be full screen. If the user is interested in the ad then just a simple swipe up would lead to a lot more available options like redirecting to a website, video or ask them to download and install a particular app. As compared to the click-through rates of other social media platforms, 5 times more swipe ups occur on SnapAds, according to Snapchat.

Snapchat Geofilters:


Courtesy: Snapchat/ YouTube

Depending on your budget, Snapchat offers two types of Geofilters, which are like specific or customized graphics that can be overlaid on a story. Sponsored Geofilters are expensive and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and On-Demand Geofilters can be acquired for as low as $5.

On Demand Geofilters allow your brand to get much more exposure as the customer can share a story overlapped by the Geofilter that allows people to know where the customer was and what was the name of the brand. These Geofilters work best for inter-city or inter-town events.

But if you are vying for a larger audience like a nationwide campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness, then a Sponsored Geofilter would work best for your brand to get the maximum amount of exposure and impressions. According to Snapchat, these Sponsored Geofilters can reach around 40-60% of the daily users which explains their high costs. The investment is worth it considering the huge amount of exposure the Geofilter allows.

Sponsored Lens:

Swapping faces and mouthing colorful rainbows is already a rage among Snapchatters so why not let businesses promote their products through this amazing feature called Lens. The user simply has to hold its face and the Lens would get activated, allowing real-time interaction with the brand itself. Gatorade was one of the biggest success stories of using Lenses to promote products as the famous Gatorade shower, which follows after sports victories by coaches and players, was mimicked by Lenses and it garnered over 165 million views.

As a business, the cost might be a bit on the higher side when it comes to making a dedicated lens for your brand, but the stickiness of this feature is so monumental that its high time you get one made for your business as well.

Businesses are currently exploring ways to optimize Snapchat and to get the most out of this amazing platform. The possibilities for businesses are just starting to open up and the more you allow your brand to get integrated within the platform, the better your chances are of amassing a sizeable audience that remains in touch, courtesy of the wonderful features of this absolutely beautiful tech phenomenon of the current decade.

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