There Are Now More Women Students than Men Enrolled at the Culinary Arts Institute


For a long time, the chef world and restaurant industry has been a male-dominated field. Recently, the Culinary Arts Institute reported that they now have more women enrolled in classes than men, coming in at a 51.6 percent enrollment. The CAI opened in 1946 and out of the 50 students, only one was a woman.

The restaurant industry is known for its long and late hours, and lack of benefits, which makes it difficult for women to opt into a career as a chef if they would also like to balance a family. In other countries like Japan, it is common to see women behind the grill in many restaurants. However, in America, it’s started with mostly men, and has slowly been on the rise.

The Vice President of the CAI believes that the rise can be attributed to the fact that women own more food related businesses these days. With business being owned by women, they know the importance of a work-life balance and can offer the benefits and flexibility that working families need. This is empowering other women to follow their passion, such as a career as a chef.

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