The Benefits of Being More Adventurous


There is new research that suggests that adventurous people often consume more fruits and vegetables, making them healthier over all. So while there are some adventurous folk that might take riskier vacations, their day-to-day health is better due to their eating habits.

The adventurous type tends to be those who are more open, outgoing, and extroverted. Openness and a sense of adventure can go hand in hand, considering you need to be open to new experiences in order to be adventurous. On the same note, those who are open to eating a variety of foods are more likely to consume a broad range of healthy foods.

While the study shows some compelling association between eating healthier and being more adventurous, there is no causation effect. However, the relationship between the two definitely shed light on personalities and behaviors.

Overall, eating more adventurously can lead you to lead a more adventurous life too.