Early Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Japan


Japan is world-renown for its spectacular display of spring with sakura, or cherry blossom season. In the city of Kawazu, cherry blossoms have already begun to bloom for the year.

Kawazu is known as the city in Japan where you can see the earliest sakura sightings. On average, the cherry blossoms here bloom one month prior to the rest of Japan. There is a yearly festival in the town that celebrates the cherry blossoms, which is happening this year through March 10th.

More popular cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, can expect to see blooms in 2017 beginning the last day of March, through the first week of April. Every year, Japan Guide publishes a forecast on when to expect to see cherry blossoms in prefectures throughout Japan. However, experts are only able to predict prime cherry blossom sightings as early as January. By that point, many hotels and flights are already booked up, or are more expensive during sakura week. The window of time is so small, and many tourists from around the globe make their best guess to book their accommodations prior to the sakura forecast being published.

The start of the blooming cherry blossom trail typically begins in the south of Japan, and works its way north. Kawazu is somewhat in the center of Japan, on the Pacific Ocean coast, not far from Tokyo. For travelers that might be visiting Japan prior to the anticipated sakura forecast, they can day-trip to Kawazu to potentially capture the cherry blossoms as early as February.

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