5 Great Foods to Supercharge your Immune System


Healthy habits make your quality of life better but we sometimes overemphasize in getting the external part of it right. Yes, washing hands and remaining germ-free are highly important steps in not contracting diseases but it takes a lot more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

Our immune system is our biggest protection shield when it comes to warding off unwanted diseases like the flu or cold. The white blood cells present in our system retain the capacity to easily exterminate germs and bacteria once they enter into our bodies. Even after all of our healthy habits, germs do enter our bodies so we are far better off protecting our immune system by providing it with the right foods so that it can be in a supercharged state, ready to protect against anything that is not meant to be there. Here are 5 great food to supercharge your immune system:



We keep vying for antibiotics but what about Probiotics? Those “Good Germs” that help strengthen our white blood cells by acting as supplementary protection in the digestive tract and keeping away unwanted bacteria from intruding further. A study by the University of Vienna in Austria revealed that popping pills will provide just as much immunity as a daily 7-ounce yogurt intake.

However, most of the yogurt present in packaged form is unfortunately deprived of “good germs” and you should be on the lookout for the term “Live and Active Culture” on the box to know that this one would contain what you exactly need.

A bowl of Chicken Soup:


We all know that Chicken soup is a staple whenever we are experiencing a flu cycle, but it can also serve as a remedy for a weak immune system and boost its overall effectiveness. Its main power component lies in the salty broth that is similar to the cough medicines out there in that it keeps mucus diluted. Cysteine, which is an amino acid, is released from chicken when it’s getting cooked and it helps keep inflammatory white cells from damaging the area around the lungs and throat, keeping it free of congestion.

A bowl a day is enough to ward off cold and mild flu from taking over your body.



There is a lot of talk on eating healthy these days and the prime importance is being placed on eating greens and fruits but in doing that, most people are depriving themselves of meat especially beef, which is a prime provider of zinc in the body.

Zinc is one of the most important nutritional elements as it helps in warding off infections and bolsters immunity if taken in the right quantity each day. If zinc falls down from the required levels in the body, vulnerability increases and a person can contract illnesses as it leads to the weakening of the immune system. The development of white blood cells in your system relies heavily on the availability of zinc, so don’t turn your back on it and consume about a 3 oz. piece of nicely cooked piece of beef each day to provide your body with its 30% zinc requirement.


Eating herbs is always great as they are unadulterated natural versions of health supplements, without a lot of harmful ingredients. Mushrooms are part of that family in a similar way and eating a diet comprising of a stable intake of mushroom will stand to increase your white blood cells count and increase their strength to ward off unwanted agents that can cause diseases in your body.

From ½ to 1 oz. of mushrooms in a day is considered best by experts, to provide your body with the much-needed boost to remain healthy.



Not reacting in the same way as other power foods, that is by providing healthy minerals to increase their presence in the body, water is still immensely important in helping your immune system to keep itself going in the most efficient way possible.

When your body is hydrated, a lot of toxins cannot linger in around your body for too long and get taken out of the body, leaving your body healthier and detoxed.

Having 6-8 glasses in a day would stand to do the job perfectly.

There is an old adage that says “Prevention is better than cure” which succinctly describes the importance of making your immune system strong and allowing it to fight infections before they wreak havoc in your body, making you ill. The less you are affected by harmful bacteria, the higher your chances become of leading a healthy and happy life.

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