Reducing Your Expenses While Traveling as a Formidable Backpacker


There is not better stress buster than traveling. It is a feeling like no other. As you leave your engaging lifestyle that demands you to follow a routine making you extremely bored and lethargic, you become a wanderer, following your heart wherever it takes you. In prehistoric times, we humans lived as nomads in vast expanses, going from one place to another, visiting new places and learning about the environment. We may have settled in cities and are leading a civilized life, the feeling which our ancestors carried hasn’t left us.

However, the most restricting factor nowadays in fulfilling our desire to travel to our favorite destinations, is the amount of financial resources required to fulfill a single visit. This makes it highly difficult for us to go on a trip whenever we feel like it as we need to plan for it beforehand, saving money in the process. Is there is a way out of it? Can it be made easier? Yes, it can definitely be made so. Backpacking requires the heart at the right place and wits to match so that you don’t compromise on the adventure and fun that traveling brings while still making it on a smaller amount of cash than you would have done otherwise.

Let’s get into the great hacks that will reduce your expenses considerably and allow you to become a constant at traveling:

Find yourself affordable accommodation:

One of the biggest dents in your wallet while traveling is made by the expensive hotels and lodges that you stay in during your visit. But while you do need a place to visit, there are other cheaper accommodation methods to help you out and provide you with a nice, warm and cozy place to stay.

If you are in for a short visit then going in for some shared accommodation with a friend or renting out a room in a similar capacity, would turn out to be a great cost saving option. But if you plan on staying for a longer duration then going for a hostel would be a great idea. Large cities normally have such accommodation options aplenty to cater to backpackers on a budget just like you.

Reducing the Dining expenses:

Another one of the traveling expenses that proves to be too much to handle sometimes. Dining in a city or a place that you don’t exactly know well can land you paying up more than you could have if you would have got the information on the low-cost options. The best way to get around this is to make your own meals or if you want, then you can definitely go out for breakfast and lunch and have dinner made by yourself as the latter is more expensive if you eat outside.

Taking care of the flights:

Well, you will need some great hacks to go around this one certainly as flights to international destinations or far off places don’t come cheap. The first thing you can do is to book your flight well in advance as this will reduce the fare considerably than if you choose to book later. Another great cost saving measure is to being on the lookout for promotional offers that mostly come around seasons and while the discounts might not be more than 10%, it could help you save a considerable amount of money. Don’t go for doling out extra cash for the food and drinks if the flight is short and manageable on a stuffed stomach.


Going out for a great traveling experience is the best way to help yourself revitalize and by managing to cut down the amount of money you would need on a single trip, you can make merry and travel most of the time.

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