Common Breakfasts From Around the Globe


Whether you consider yourself a tourist, an ex-patriot, or a world traveler, you can learn a lot about the culture around you by the breakfasts that different countries eat. You might find yourself inspired to change up your morning routine. Take a trip across the world with a change in your breakfast plate.

China – If you’ve ever been to a Dim Sum restaurant, you may be familiar with Chinese breakfast. Dim Sum is small plates, usually served from a cart and eaten around brunch time. It’s common for the Chinese to eat dumplings, egg custard buns, and sponge cake for breakfast.


Turkey – Breakfast in Turkey consists of small snack items like olives, jam, honey, bread, and cheeses.

Norway – Palegg is a common breakfast tradition in Norway, which is simply anything you can put on top of a slice of toast. From fish to cheese, it might be a simple equation, but the toasts always look delicious.


Brazil – In United States, it is common to enjoy sandwiches for lunch. Meanwhile in Brazil, bread rolls, meat, and cheese are often enjoyed for breakfast with some fruit.

Japan – While it may be expected that the Japanese eat fish for breakfast, it may come as a surprise that they eat pickles and fermented soybeans first thing in the morning as well. Western-style food like eggs and toast is slowly becoming more popular in urban areas, but the traditional Japanese breakfast is still dominant.TWT-Image1920-25

Russia – A common breakfast in Russia are griddle cakes that are similar to crepes, layered with sweet jams, cheese, or kefir.

Israel – Shakshuka in Israel is a meal of eggs poached in tomato sauce and is incredibly common for breakfast. Cheese, omelets, breads and spreads are also a common breakfast here.


Cambodia – A hearty breakfast for some, in Cambodia it’s common to have a rice noodle soup called Kuy Teav in the morning.