Donald Trump Tells Female Staff How to Dress


Donald Trump is working hard to win over women.

No, that’s a lie. He’s found a way to further irk them because the Women’s March wasn’t a good enough depiction of their hatred for him.

A recent report revealed that Donald Trump, leader of the Free World, has apparently ordered his female staffers to “dress like women” when at work.

Sources within the White House reported that Trump briefed White House staffers on how he expects them to be dressed. He requires all his employees to “have a certain look” and “be sharply dressed” at all times. All of which is standard and acceptable to ask of employees. But while Trump ordered his male staff to keep their hair well-groomed and wear a branded tie, he demanded that his female staff “dress like women”.

In a huge scandal last year, it was revealed that Trump’s close friend Roger Ailes, Former Chairman of Fox Television Stations, had openly barred his female subordinates from wearing pants.

Although Trump did not explicitly say that the women in his staff cannot wear pants, women who worked in the field with him during his campaign admitted that they “felt pressure to wear dresses” to impress him, according to sources.

It is unclear what Donald Trump means when he says “dress like women”. His favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump leads a large clothing empire for strong career women but both she and his wife Melania, are rarely seen in trousers.

Ivanka Trump is almost always seen in her standard, upscale office-wear dresses, and chic heels. Melania may not look like she’s headed to work but she too is always seen in figure-hugging, pencil dresses paired with the Louboutin heels.

Of course, Donald Trump’s comments did not go down well with the women of the 21st century and they were quick to jump on to Social Media to express their thoughts.

In no time, hashtag #DressLikeAWoman was trending on Twitter as thousands posted their photos to show Trump how today’s professional women dress at work.

Many circulated photos of iconic women such as Tennis star Serena Williams and Game Of Thrones warrior Brienne of Tarth in her armor. Racing car driver Leilani Munter posted a photo of herself in her racing gear on the track.

Female firefighters, soldiers, surgeons, pilots, policewomen and many more took to Twitter to make a point that there is no one way that women dress at work. They excel in all fields and are second to none.

Here’s hoping Donald Trump gets the message.