5 Tips for Overall Wellness


These days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s the state of the union, or small grievances in your everyday life, stress has a way of taking its toll on your mind and your body.

If you’re feeling stuck or stressed, there are five different ways that you can boost your overall wellness. All changes take time, so start with something easy, and progressively work into more difficult changes that you might want to incorporate into your life.


Stay active doing something you love whether it’s running, yoga, or even walking your dog an extra 10 minutes. If you find yourself too exhausted to manage any sort of activity, take care of yourself in other ways. Treat yourself to a weekly hot bath in which you use a bath bomb or bubble bath, light a candle, and do a face-mask.


Attempt to be present in the moment, and to be mindful of what you’re feeling. The ideal situation would be to feel the stresses of everyday life without judging those emotions. By being able to set aside the stressed feelings to focus on other feelings is a skill that needs to be practiced. You might not feel less stressed right away when attempting to be mindful. Instead, you could try reading a book or listening to a podcast, something to focus your thoughts, and to then reflect on those thoughts. These kinds of practices in active thinking can get your mind in the right place. Mindfulness helps you feel more content with what you cannot control.


While everyone is trying to be more productive and efficient with work, there is a balance to a more productive home-life as well.  It’s important to not just do chores around the house after working all day. Be sure to make time to be with family, watch a movie that you’ve wanted to see, or make a magnificent dinner. By setting aside time for things you enjoy, you will force yourself to be more productive in the times that you need to accomplish something like laundry or cleaning the bathroom. Schedule your fun time just like you would schedule your work time.


While minimalism is attributed to being a lifestyle in and of itself, there are small changes we can all make to our lives that will give us one less thing to worry about. Attempt to de-clutter your digital life. You can start with certain apps that you don’t use, or social media profiles that you rarely update. From there, on your computer you can remove bookmarked websites that you no longer visit. Find your favorite and inspiring digital areas, and stick to those. The less options that you have, the less time you will spend in the digital world.

You can also designate one room in your home to be clutter-free. While it may be impossible to have a living room as a clutter-free space due to toys and it being a shared area, perhaps you can designate your kitchen to be where you take time to have a soothing cup of tea and a quiet moment. If it’s the kitchen that is the messiest place with a junk drawer and dishes always piling up, perhaps take some solace in your home office, or bedroom, where ever you can find a space away from too much visual stimulation.

Personal Growth

Set a goal, and work towards it. It can be the smallest of goals, like meditating for 10 minutes a day. Or it could something big, like planning and putting money aside for a dream vacation. Be sure that the goal is something positive, something where completing the goal itself is a reward.

A healthy mind and body will reflect outward to other aspects of your life. While overall wellness is something that we can all strive for, it’s not something that is easily achieved. The work toward a sound body and mind is a journey worth taking.