Millions of people voted illegally for Hilary Clinton- says President Trump


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Riding high on the wave of populism and his new found first public role, President Donald Trump has alleged that he not only won the electoral college but he also won the popular vote if all the illegal votes are discounted.

The Voting Controversy continues and this time it’s President Donald Trump who has gone on to put forward a new allegation on the nature of the votes casted on the Election Day. Hilary Clinton, the other presidential candidate, won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College due to not being able to put up with a good fight in swing states.

The issue of Hilary Clinton’s lead over Trump in the popular vote category has given rise to a high amount of controversies and speculations of which the most severe one was of Russian involvement in the US election and of rigging the election in favor of Mr. Trump, who was widely regarded as the unlikeliest of winners, due to his highly polarizing statements.

There have been ongoing protests and demonstrations since President Trump’s inauguration, putting pressure on the Trump juggernaut, but it is going on full speed ahead with its policies that many have come to regard widely as “Trump-onomics”.  But Trump’s recent statement on twitter in which he has alleged that there were illegal votes casted in favor of Hilary, is highly surprising, even by President Trump’s standards, as there has been no evidence that has surfaced thus far on this that has a credible claim backed by substantiated evidence.

And President Trump has gone even further and pledged that he would lead an investigation into this matter, which he considers to be highly important. The fake voters, according to Trump, include people registered in two states simultaneously and more importantly illegal immigrants.

The claim is highly unlikely to be true as registering to vote requires a person to have a valid registration that includes declaring a legal citizenship status and it is highly unlikely that “millions” of illegal immigrants could have voted for Hilary in the elections.

The initial days of President Trump’s presidency have been quite intriguing and surprising thus far, as he is focused on his “America First” stance, which includes highly polarizing policies and increasingly volatile claims like this one. More in store definitely in the days ahead for the US population surely!

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