Women’s March on Washington Around the Globe


The Women’s March on Washington has been highly covered news this past week following President Trump’s inauguration. Women and their allies in Washington D.C. chose to march the morning of January 21st 2017 in protest to the now President of the United States and his policies. Cities across the nation, and later, across the globe, marched in unison with the women in D.C.

The name “Women’s March on Washington” was inspired by the March on Washington in 1963, the rally in which Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the momentous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Across the globe, seas of women with messages on signs and pink hats marched together in solidarity. While not all people see the benefits or practicality of protests such as these, the overall message of the marches were of equality, love, and hope. Many of the messages focused on women’s rights, immigration reform, racial issues, and LGBTQ rights, all issues that are against the message that President Trump represents.

Protests are a form of democracy and instill hope within a group of people that are feeling hopeless. Cities across the United States worked on getting permits, securing road closures, and preparing for thousands of marchers. By working together with local law enforcement and by showing up in numbers, indicating how many people do not agree with the President’s ethics, the Women’s March on Washington has been considered a success. Millions of women and allies marched on January 21st in solidarity, hoping for future change.